2016 international island tourism conference Expo September 21st – Sohu travel dachiyouxiang

2016 International Conference on the island’s Tourism Expo in September 21st – Sohu Tourism International Tourism Expo, the World Expo 24 to September 21st in Zhejiang, Putuo District, the national fitness center held in. During the afternoon of September 22nd, September 21st, 350 guests to attend the 2016 International Conference of island tourism came to the Expo site, visit the Expo event. The general assembly is one of the main activities of the 2016 international island tourism conference held in Putuo. Putuo is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, the coastal hub, Zhoushan Fisheries Center, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, backed by other large and medium-sized city, facing the vast sea. Superior geographical location, rich natural resources, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, known as the "Pearl of the East China Sea," said. Here is the Haitian Buddhist Mount Putuo, sand hometown Zhujiajian, under the pen of Jin Yong Taohua Island, the East China Sea polar Dongji Island fishing paradise island, China, Baisha fishing Shenjiamen theme island. After many years of sustained development, Putuo tourism has been completed from the transfer station to the destination in the elegant turn, the basic form of tourism products as the basis, ocean leisure product features, cultural experience, festival entertainment, delicacy shopping, cruise yachts, health care, and other special events exhibition products for the marine tourism product system highlights the. To lead the new trend of island tourism, Zhoushan International Conference held on the island tourism as an opportunity to host the International Conference of Island Tourism Expo, to create a professional exhibition platform, tourism awareness, promote international exchanges and cooperation of island tourism. It is understood that the invitation of the Expo to more than and 200 exhibitors, including Greece, Australia, Tonga, Thailand and other foreign island tourism destination, as well as domestic hundred travel agencies, world famous tourist cruise companies, electricity providers, hotels and resorts, airlines, brand, and other well-known international tourism products, tourism enterprises. The exhibition includes domestic and foreign island tourism products online and offline display, island tourism products to negotiate trade cooperation, island tourism products seminar, etc.. The Expo mainly presents the following points: one is the high degree of internationalization, international exhibitors covering five continents; the two is industry wide, exhibitors covering travel agencies, hotels, hostels, resorts, cruise, aviation, tourism, tourism wisdom of our media, such as OTA; three exhibitors oflevel, many domestic 100 travel agency, the three largest cruise company in the world’s six largest cruise company, Ctrip, Ali, tuniu and other well-known tourism business exhibition; four is a high degree of agreement with the general assembly, most participating countries, and representatives of the fair city expressed interest. In order to give visitors a better experience of the exhibition, Expo also organized online Expo, Huimin day activities, VR interactive multi field supporting activities.相关的主题文章: