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2016 Zengcheng rice culture festival will be opened in September 30th September 19th, 2016 China Guangzhou Zengcheng rice culture tourism festival and the scarecrow creative exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "the 2016 Zengcheng rice Festival) held a press conference in Zengcheng flowers villa. It is understood that the 2016 Zengcheng rice culture festival will be held from September 30th to October 2nd in Guangzhou Congyu Agricultural Development Co. Ltd. Sanjiang planting base (Sanjiang Sha Tau Village stone town) the grand opening of the 3 day Zengcheng rice festival will be in Zengcheng rice culture promotion, promotion, Zengcheng agricultural products Scarecrow creative exhibition, pastoral agricultural culture, paddy Park, rural tourism, experience, parent-child play and colorful delicacy links will bring vision, taste, pleasure enjoyment for tourists. Zengcheng rice culture: rice, rice Chinese is the so-called "hunger breeds discontentment, taste of salt led, Wanbao meters first". China rice culture broad and profound, has a long history, from the material production, religion, folklore, festivals and customs to the diet culture and other aspects of life are far-reaching, rice is an indispensable part of Chinese food culture. However, the development of the times, the understanding of rice culture and farming culture of the people are less and less. M, have constantly involved in Chinese heart. Steamed Rice, single eat light sweet, with food ingredients all-match attractive, which are derived from the rice out of the good Steamed Rice. For the people of Zengcheng, Zengcheng silk seedlings is like a treasure like love and pride. Zengcheng silk seedlings has a long history, has been more than 400 years of history. Qing Geng’s (1820) version of the "Zengcheng county" of Zengcheng has recorded: "Miao silk case recently, a precocious red, with white silk seedlings, Gu Zi is quite good, late spring water, the best silk seedlings." It can be seen that the silk seedling was the best rice variety at that time. 2003, Zengcheng, the proposed application of the protection of geographical origin of rice seedlings rice products, formally approved by the State Administration of quality supervision, approval since September 20, 2004 to implement the protection of local origin products, and to the public notice. This is the third by the Guangdong State Administration of quality supervision, geographical origin of the protection of experts to review the project, but also the only protected area of origin by the Guangzhou project. 2005 Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued the "Zengcheng rice seedlings," the local standard: crystal clear white, with a natural flavor of the local area of Zengcheng silk seedlings flavor. Grain length width ratio is greater than or equal to 2, 8, length 5.4~6.6mm, weight is less than 12.59, the gel consistency is larger than 50.0mm, 17.0%-25.0% amylose, chalky grain chalkiness rate less than 10%, less than 3. This is the beginning of Zengcheng rice seedlings on the standardization, legalization of the road. Zengcheng rice appearance quality, beautiful beautiful, rich and oily filaments slender, crystal white texture, moderate hardness, cooking tastes fresh, good taste, is the Jiapin rice in reputation, known as "rice jade" reputation, is so famous, many tourists are attracted to purchase. Therefore, in order to increase the propaganda of Zengcheng’s deep rice culture, and further polish the Zengcheng rice seedlings geographical indications brand, so that farmers get rich, grand planning and!相关的主题文章: