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How Well Does Backbone.js/node.js Scale? Posted By: Aaliyah Choudhry JavaScript development JavaScript developer AngularJS JavaScript development Is The Custom Application Dead? Posted By: Rodrigo Castelo Custom applications were once the vanguard of corporate IT – specialized software designed to fit nearly every business need and enhance IT’s value to the enterprise as a whole. But the perception of custom application development has changed in the last 15 years, mainly due to the growing power of off-the-shelf applications in the enterprise world. The lure of software packages is difficult to ignore, especially with the damage done to corporate budgets and IT departments by the recession. The perceived cost savings, speed and overall ease of implementing an off-the-shelf software solution makes them, seemingly, the perfect choice for undermanned enterprise IT managers trying to stretch their budgets. At least, the benefits look good on paper… but do they really stack up in an actual enterprise environment? THE TRUTH ABOUT SOFTWARE PACKAGES The benefits of packaged applications are often described as "built-in best practices", which then should result in: 1. Lowering overall costs 2. Reducing the risk associated with implementing new applications 3. Quicker and easier implementations Taken together, these benefits mean that an enterprise IT team will have an altogether smoother time when packaged software is involved.Application Development Enterprise Application Development Enterprise Software Development Agile Development Agile Application Development Agile Application Development 相关的主题文章: