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Cranberry Posted By: Jack Taylor Cranberry is a well known and widely consumed fruit, the extracts of which are used for medicinal purposes. It is also an important health supplement which aids in the overall well being of the body and smooth functioning of other organs. Functions of Cranberry Cranberry helps prevent urinary tract infections. The special type of flavonoid in the fruit helps reduce or prevent infections in the urinary tract. The special chemicals in the fruit help prevent bacteria from forming in the urinary tract. Cranberry has high antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. These help improve the natural functioning of the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract, etc. It also helps protect cells against damage from free radicals. Cranberry is known to have anti-cancer properties and can help in the treatment of cancer or prevention of it to some extent. It is especially useful in the prevention of prostate cancer in patients. It is extremely useful in the prevention and treatment of stroke. It is also beneficial in the treatment of several kinds of viral infections. Cranberries also provide multiple cardiovascular benefits. Overall, they help improve vascular function and reduce platelet aggregation. The variety of photo-chemical in Cranberries provides numerous other benefits too.Health Supplements Super Foods Health Supplements Natural Prostate Supplement Can Boost Prostate Health Posted By: John Dugan Prostate problems end up affecting most men during their lifetimes. An estimated half of all men in their 60s and up to 90 percent of men in their 70s and 80s suffer from enlarged prostates. In addition, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in men. But there are ways to fight back, including taking a natural prostate supplement. Age, of course, is the greatest risk factor for prostate health issues, but there are strategies men can use to prevent these problems from developing in the first place, and some of these strategies may actually help fight the conditions — prostate enlargement and even prostate cancer — after they have developed. African Plum Tree Bark Extract This extract from the bark of the tree known as pygeum africanum has been used both in Europe and the United States for the treatment of BPH, which can cause troublesome urinary symptoms when the prostate grows in size and clamps down on the urethra, disrupting the flow of urine. A study done at the University of Missouri-Columbia found the plant extract had a beneficial effect on prostate cancer cells in experimental mice.prostate health prostate cancer natural prostate supplemen prostate health Resveratrol Is A Potent Antioxidants Can Protect The Heart And Brain Posted By: anelwew According to the information supplied by resveratrol manufacturer, the highest content of resveratrol is Aster plants in Japan, followed by grape skins. Red wine, pure grape juice, peanuts, cranberries, blueberries, bilberries and some the pine also contain resveratrol, the concentration is slightly lower than the first two things. Grapes and other plants manufacturing resveratrol is for fighting fungal infections, injury, stress; is part of their natural resist system. The amount of resveratrol in red wine is different from geographical production areas, cultivation conditions, fungal infections, as well as red wine and grape skins mixed time. The content of resveratrol in red wine is from less than 1 mg per liter to more than 20 milligrams per liter. Red wine contains strong and effective polyphenol antioxidants: resveratrol, anthocyanins (the pigmented substances in grape skin), proanthocyanidins (common in grape seed), catechol and quercitrin. Use mice as experimental research show that resveratrol in the prevention of prostate cancer, colon cancer, and thymic carcinoma. Resveratrol showed multiple stages in the development of cancer, including tumor initiation, tumor induction period, the period of tumor development and metastatic the antagonism can play.pharmaceutical raw materials pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers pharmaceutical raw materials Consult A Knowledgeable Person To Know How To Grow Mushrooms Posted By: Myrite Marker Grow mushrooms how to grow magic mushrooms Grow mushrooms Make It A Superfood Powder Holiday! Posted By: Chef Tina Jo Welcome to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It’s that magical time of year where many of us feel rushed, stressed, eat too much and fall off our exercise routines (or our exercise bikes if we’re really beat. Yikes!) We get tired and cranky waiting in lines, decking the halls, looking for that perfect gift and making all those party plans. Well folks, what we all need to do is slow down, BREATHE and have some superfoods! I’d like to introduce you to a Superfood Powder Holiday! Superfoods are a perfect tool to restore the peace and harmony that this time of year is all about. A Superfood Powder Holiday is easy, it’s fun and it will give you amazing energy and stamina while filling your body with great nutrients. It can also help strengthen your immune system to help fight off the evil twins – seasonal colds and flu – that rear their ugly heads this time of year. So, what is a superfood?Chef Tina Jo raw food Superfood Powder Holiday Chef Tina Jo Exclusive Tips For Prostate Treatment Clarify How To Get Rid Of Bph At Home Posted By: Dr Simon Allen Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) can be treated at home with a new natural device offered by Fine Treatment. You do not need to take drugs that can harm your general health but only wear a natural device. Are you surprised? However, it is true! A new technology has been invented recently by Dr Allen which provides Thermobalancing Therapy, indeed this new method of treatment helps a prostate to recover from prostate enlargement. Everyone who reaches age of 60 starts to think about his prostate gland as 50 percent of men suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The first tip: men should be aware that BPH is an entirely prostate problem that means that the process of an enlargement is focused in the prostate gland only. The understanding of this is important as it allow him to analyze the treatment he should receive. Is he sure that drugs or supplements widely prescribed will go into the prostate tissue? If not, what is the reason of taking them? This tip will allow him to search for treatment of BPH which is directed straight to the prostate tissue.prostate treatment prostate prostate enlargement prostate gland prostate treatment Prostate Enlargement Treatment At Home Better Than Bph Treatment At Hospital Posted By: Dr Simon Allen prostate treatment prostate prostate enlargement prostate gland prostate treatment Delicate Food & Beverage For Good Health Posted By: Celynn Erasmus foods that give you energy healthy eating menu healthy snacks for adults good health tips healthy smoothie recipes foods that give you energy Five Kinds Of Common Food To Give You A Healthy Body Posted By: Chenxia Wang There are so many types of food in our daily life. Some kinds of food are very ordinary, so they are easily ignored by most people. In fact, these common foods not only have high nutritional value, but also have a lot of health-care effects on human body. And this article will introduce five kinds of common food which can give you a healthy body. First of all, cucumber seeds Nearly all the people will throw away the seeds when eating cucumber. In fact, they rarely know that cucumber seeds have some health-care effect on human body. Cucumber seeds contain a large number of magnesium. Research has found out that, if there is a high level of magnesium in the blood, it can reduce the probability of early death by 40%. As a result, next time when you eat cucumber, remember to keep the seeds. Secondly, beet This kind of red vegetable contains a great amount of folic acid and betaine. When these two kinds of chemical substances play their effects together, they can reduce the level of homocysteine in the body. Homocysteine is an inflammatory mixture, which can damage artery and increase the risk of suffering from heart disease.zeaxanthin zeaxanthin Whey Protein Shakes – Important Things You May Not Know Posted By: Kylie Hilderbrandt Whey protein has been used by athletes, bodybuilders in particular, to gain muscle. Usually used after a workout session, whey protein shakes provide the body with the necessary protein it needs to help repair worn-out muscle fibers and facilitate the growth of new connections that lead to the formation of bigger muscles. While more research is still needed to ascertain the long term effects of whey to health, current studies show that whey has a lot of health benefits when taken at the right amounts. Aside from building muscle mass through protein synthesis, whey protein shakes are essential to weight loss since they reduce body fat mass. When taken before a strength training workout, whey has been shown to substantially reduce body fat and increase calorie burn up to a day after the session. Obese people who exercise and include whey protein in their daily diet have been found to lose significantly more body fat compared to those who didn’t. Moreover, since whey helps form muscle, it also helps increase the metabolic rate that further serve to burn away fat.whey protein shakes whey protein shake whey whey protein shakes Vitamin D – The Magic Nutrient Posted By: Summer Alonzo The importance of Vitamin D has recently received a lot of attention and a number of researches have been conducted on this. Vitamin D is indispensible to maintaining proper health in individuals and it is easily to be taken in too. There are two types of Vitamin D that are relevant to human life. One is the Vitamin D2 that is produced by plants and Vitamin D3 that is synthesized by the skin on human body on being exposed to sunlight. With Vitamin D deficiency the symptoms are not very evidently in the open. The symptoms are so covert that the problems occurring because of this will not seem like they have stemmed from vitamin D deficiency. Rickets could be taken as one of the initial signs of vitamin D deficiency. The legs may not be able to take the body weight for long and start to pain or the bones would become weak. In children, the syndrome is called Rickets. The same when it happens to adults, the condition is known as osteomalacia. The bones become soft making the entire skeletal structure extremely weak.vitamin d vitamin d3 vitamin d deficiency vitamin d Prevention Of Prostate Cancer – 5 Essential Tips To Reduce Your Risk Posted By: Eamon Greville Prostate cancer prevention services have despite increased awareness, always struggled with the reluctance of men to talk about their health and to seek help. However, there is a great deal that can be done to prevent Prostate Cancer and the following 5 tips can help to reduce your risk. 1) Accept Prostate Screening. Prostate Screening has admittedly suffered from a muted response in the UK. However, recent research that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and which examined the potential impact of Prostate specific antigen (PSA) screening programme has led to calls from the Prostate Cancer Charity to establish a UK National screening Committee. A major practical reason for this is sheer numbers – prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK – over 35,000 men are affected each and every year. It needs urgent attention and to be seen as a priority right now.prevention of prostate cancer Treatment of prostate cancer treatments for prostate cancer alternative treatment prostate cancer prostate cancer diet prevention of prostate cancer Fight Prostate Cancer – 4 Essential Tips To Maintain Prostate Health Posted By: Eamon Greville Prostate Cancer is found in all Western countries and is particularly common in the USA, There are however many positive measures that you can implement Here are 4 useful tips to implement within your daily life to promote and maintain excellent Prostate Health. 1) Lose your Belly Fat Aim at all times to to keep your waistline trim. Fat within the body results in a lowering of Prostate Specific Antigen ( PSA) that circulates in the blood stream. When your Doctor checks your PSA levels to determine if you do have prostate cancer – an excess of weight may result in a skewing of test results. So do plan for a healthy diet and a stable weight – check with your doctor if unsure – this is really important to get right! 2) Enjoy the sunshine! This suggestion is both easy and enjoyable to implement. In contrast to what you may have heard the sun isn’t all bad. Indeed if used appropriately it can be an ally in your maintaing good prostate health In the US research that was carried out on men living within the sunniest states found a 32% lower risk rate of prostate cancer.prevention of prostate cancer Treatment of prostate cancer treatments for prostate cancer alternative treatment prostate cancer prostate cancer diet prevention of prostate cancer Do You Live In Fear Of The Big C Cancer Posted By: Joni Bell Did you know that some scientists have just submitted some results of testing to the FDA that even they cannot ignore. Amazing – right? One thing for sure is when the FDA uses a phrase "may reduce the risk of certain cancers", you know what is going to happen next. Yep – a new drug which probably costs hundreds of dollars, but only costs pennies to manufacture. Why is the price so high when it costs so little to manufacture – you may be saying to yourself? Well you have the following… ** Many clinical trials involving thousands of individuals. ** A whole bunch of expert scientists and doctors that must give the new drug their seal of approval. ** Almost irrefutable evidence that this drug will have a positive impact on a life-threatening illness. OK now – here is the surprising fact, YEP FACT! There is one substance, a mineral that has passed all of the toughest, most stringent tests – and it is 100% natural. It has cleared every scientific test with fantastic results, so now in the 21st century it has now become available to the masses… and without prescription because it is "all natural".selenium selenomethionine cancer prostate cancer prostate hiv aging fda selenium Is Your Genital Area Larger Than Average-00-2915 Posted By: P.Rodgers prostate exam prostate exams enlarged prostate prostate health prostate cancer prevent prostate cancer prostate cancer prevention prostate supp prostate exam What Are The Risks Of Getting Prostate Cancer And What Can You Do To Lower The Risk Posted By: Don Saunders For many years now there has been a great deal of argument about prostate cancer and the subject of preventing prostate cancer in particular is still to some extent controversial. Although, as is the case with many cancers, men are not themselves the cause of their own prostate cancer, there are clearly many risk factors for developing the disease and there is a lot that can be done, if not to prevent it, then unquestionably to lessen the risk of developing it. The first step in preventing prostate cancer is to understand that you are at risk of developing the condition and to understand precisely why you are at risk. There is no doubt that men with a family history of prostate cancer are at higher risk and that the risk for a man with one close relative having the condition is approximately twice that of a man without any family history. If you have two close relatives the risk increases to about five times that of somebody with no family history and if you have three close relatives your risk reaches an almost incredible ninety-seven percent.prostate prostate problems enlarged prostate prostate cancer prostate cancer prevention prostate Be A Wise Shopper When It Comes To Discount Vitamins Posted By: Freelance Writer Discount vitamins are available everywhere now internet, catalogs, even some retailers have started carrying them. Finding the vitamins is not the problem however figuring out what supplements are needed, can be a real challenge. With thousands of supplements on the market today, how does a consumer know what’s best for his or her specific needs? A person’s lifestyle plays a major role in what nutritional supplements are needed. For instance, red meat is an excellent source of iron. A vegetarian, who by definition does not eat meat, may need an iron supplement. Athletes require more protein in their diets than sedentary people; they may require a protein supplement in order to meet the recommended daily amount of protein. Others may want to up their intake of vitamin C, which helps boosts the body’s immune system during the cold season. Other lifestyle factors include the following: * Folic acid for women in their childbearing years. Research has shown that it can help prevent spina bifida. * Iron for heavy menstruation or for vegetarians, as mentioned above. * Calcium for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, or for lactose intolerance. * Vitamin B12 to treat pernicious anemia, for seniors, and for vegetarians.Be a Wise Shopper When It Comes to Discount Vitamins Be 相关的主题文章: