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What is the biggest financial center of the global housing bubble? Vancouver property market was Canada Vancouver housing sales plunged 23% Tencent financial news according to CNBC reports, the Swiss banking group released Tuesday in the 2016 global real estate bubble index shows that in close to the formation of the real estate market bubble in the city, since 2011 prices have increased by an average of nearly 50%. UBS pointed out that during the global financial crisis in 2008, Vancouver’s housing prices were not affected, and continued to keep rising trajectory during the fall in commodity prices. The report said, "in the past two years, by foreign investors strong demand for real estate in Vancouver and loose monetary policy environment, Vancouver real estate market is speeding up.". At present, the pace of housing prices in Vancouver and economic base seems to be inconsistent, and already in the bubble risk areas." Vancouver’s ranking jumped from fourth in 2015 to the first. Over the past ten years, housing prices in the city have doubled, triggering anger among local families who can’t afford to buy a house. At present, the cost of buying a house in Vancouver has accounted for 90% of the proportion of per capita pre tax income. According to the data from the real estate bureau of greater Vancouver, the price of ordinary single family housing is 1 million 600 thousand Canadian dollars ($1 million 210 thousand) in August. British Columbia’s provincial government announced in August that it would impose a 15% tax on foreign homebuyers to cool prices in Vancouver. Following Vancouver, London and Stockholm, sweden. The report points out that, in addition to Milan, the low interest rate environment in the euro zone has pushed all European cities into a bubble region. "In recent years, the low interest rate adoption of the European growth engine has fuelled the overheating of the urban housing market," the report adds. Thus, after inflation adjusted, housing prices in London, Stockholm, Munich and Switzerland reached a new record level." At the same time, Sydney, Munich and Hongkong, China are also facing the threat of the real estate market bubble. The central bank has played a role, the report also pointed out that Paris and Geneva real estate bubble risk has been reduced. Dean Turner, an economist at UBS wealth management, said in an interview with CNBC that global capital inflows and investors’ optimism about their return on investment were the driving force behind the rise in housing prices. However, the economist added that the central bank also played a role". "There is also a major reason for the impact of global loose monetary policy, especially when we seem to be in a position where a policy seems to have been in an appropriate position for some time," he said. The report points out that changes in macroeconomic dynamics, changes in investor sentiment, or a substantial increase in supply are likely to trigger a rapid fall in housing prices. Investors who invest in overvalued markets should not expect real estate prices to rise in the medium to long term." New York bubble? The report points out that New York’s housing prices are "reasonable valuations", and claims that housing prices in New York are close to 25% lower than ten years ago. However, New York’s rent this year is 50% higher than in 2006, becoming the global rent.

全球房产泡沫风险最大的金融中心是哪?温哥华 加拿大楼市新政显效 温哥华房屋销量暴跌23% 腾讯财经讯 据CNBC报道,瑞士银行集团在本周二发布的“2016年全球不动产泡沫指数”显示,在接近于形成房地产市场泡沫的城市中,自2011年以来房价已经平均上涨了近50%。瑞银指出,在2008年全球金融危机期间温哥华的房价并未受到影响,并且在大宗商品价格走跌期间仍继续保持上涨轨迹。报告称,“在过去的两年里,受外国投资者对温哥华房产需求强劲以及宽松货币政策环境推动,温哥华房产市场超速上行。当前,温哥华房价的步调和经济基础的似乎明显不一致,并且已经处于泡沫风险区域。”温哥华的排名从2015年的第四跃升至第一。在过去十年时间里,这座城市的住房价格已经翻了一番,从而引发了当地家庭由于买不起房子而产生的愤怒情绪。目前,在温哥华买房的费用已经在人均税前收入中占据了高达90%的比例。大温哥华地区地产局的数据显示,普通独栋单户型住宅的价格在8月份为160万加元(121万美元)。温哥华所在的不列颠哥伦比亚省政府8月份宣布,对外国购房者征收15%的税,以期为房价降温。紧随温哥华之后的是伦敦和瑞典首都斯德哥尔摩。报告指出,除了米兰,欧元区的低利率环境已经将所有欧洲城市推进泡沫区域。报告补充说,“近些年内,欧洲增长引擎的低利率采用助推了城市住宅房产市场的过热。因而,经通货膨胀调整之后,伦敦、斯德哥尔摩、慕尼黑和瑞士的房价达到了新的创纪录水平。”与此同时,悉尼、慕尼黑和中国香港也都面临着房地产市场泡沫的威胁。央行“发挥了作用”报告还指出,巴黎和日内瓦的房地产泡沫风险已经减小。瑞银财富管理的经济学家迪恩•特纳在接受CNBC采访时表示,全球资本流入以及投资者对其投资回报的乐观情绪都是推动住房价格大涨的原因所在。不过,这位经济学家补充说,央行也“发挥了作用”。“还有一个主要原因是全球宽松货币政策的影响,尤其是在我们似乎身处一个政策似乎在一段时间内一直处在一个适当的位置的时候,”他说。报告指出,“宏观经济动能的改变、投资者情绪的转变或是供应量的大幅增长都可能会触发住房价格的迅速下跌。在估值过高的市场上进行投资的投资者不应期盼不动产价格会在中到长期内上涨。”纽约泡沫?报告指出,纽约的房价属于“合理估值”,同时声称纽约的房价与十年前相比接近低出25%。不过,纽约今年的房租价格却比2006年高出50%,成为全球房租价格最高的城市。如果你想找便宜货,芝加哥可能会成为你的选择。瑞银在报告中指出,该市的房价增速不及全美平均水平,现被瑞银认为是估值过低。从全球范围来看,房价或许处于高位。但是,特纳认为投资者仍应该将房产视为可投资资产。“在这个低收益资产的世界中,房产继续保持吸引力,”他说。在美国,旧金山被列为估值过高程度最高的住房市场,但其并未面临形成泡沫的风险。(米娜)更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: