Hongkong Office of a rotating staircase to build a communication space 姉summer

The Hongkong Office of a spiral staircase to build a communication space [Chu Home Furnishing] Introduction in recent years, active in the interior design industry as we study the design studio, a recent project is the design of the Hongkong Office of Bloomberg. Such as the design of the interior space design, including Shanghai, Hongqiao, the latest literary landmarks, the United Kingdom Selfridges department store and Logan’s Punch bar in Shanghai. This time, the Bloomberg office in Hongkong, also invited a surgeon as well as interior space design. Bloomberg hopes that the new design space can promote the communication between employees, and before that, they are located in building 25 floor high-rise office, has been a landmark three storey staircase through rotation. Bloomberg hopes to redesign the stairs to provide a wider space for the staff. As well as to the design concept of the wooden stairs to join the box, designers use windows, stairs and exit channel, connect the three floors of office space, as the only internal longitudinal channels, promote the interaction and communication between employees. "Our challenge is to redesign the stairs in a defined structure, and to build the boards that connect each floor to create an open space," said the designer. The new staircase is known as the Curio Stair Encounters of, outside the corridor, it also bears the function of the exchange place.相关的主题文章: