The advent of the season, businesses to enhance the shopping experience carmex润唇膏

The coming season, businesses to improve the shopping experience in addition to the traditional discount, send gifts, in September of this year before, many enterprises to reload the store, open new store, launch new products, to give consumers more choice of shopping. Home improvement company to online and offline marketing approach, more flexible launch promotions to consumers more convenient way of shopping. Discount plus new products to consumers a better shopping environment. – industry trends store "software" and "hardware" to upgrade the marketing season approaching, supermarkets have launched a marketing campaign, in addition, the venue is also in the process of upgrading. These transformation not only enhance the products and services, but also to expand the current furniture building materials business, to give consumers a more diverse service content. Home to the city square, for example, recently, the furniture museum officially unveiled. The museum was called "tall" staff, not only the layout, the area has been adjusted, the brand has also changed. In addition to the well-known domestic brands, consumers are familiar with, outside the city also introduced a number of high-quality international brands, such as soft sofa bed zone was introduced from France, Yifeng, Choi Ka mattress software experts, well-known brand distribution of naturalism Home Furnishing crass, product partition is more reasonable. Some brand exhibition hall also uses VR and other high-end technology, so that the consumer experience is more fresh and true. Although the holiday marketing effect than in the past, but the large holiday is still the most new technology by means of brand stores important marketing opportunity, to attract consumers into the store experience EASYHOME in this aspect also moves frequently. In the implementation of the big home strategy, this year, the home of a number of formats have appeared. In June, the pension actually experience center in Fukang supplies Lize actually home store opened in August, blue morning coffee house was unveiled at the headquarters building. According to Wang Linpeng, chairman and President of the house actually said, actually home will create a family consumption ecosystem, the existing home building materials mall format, to the household consumption ecosystem. The EASYHOME Lize shop as an example, the five layer will also have to open the service industry Italy design center, EATALY supermarket, art galleries, restaurants, cinemas, delicacy square, university training children entertainment center. It is understood that the cinema is expected to be available by the end of this year. Software upgrade is also part of the focus of the transformation of the store. For example, outside the city recently held the title as "inheritance and innovation" generation, carpenter heart thousands of family happiness — Home Furnishing industry artisan spirit of the theme of the exhibition, by the origin of Home Furnishing industry artisan spirit, work skills, tools, the use of the scene, Home Furnishing scene real wood fine pictures and physical display, with multimedia DIY and interactive experience and other means to show the artisan spirit. This display is outside the city chairman called "cultural infection", by showing, infection, lead and lead in the field of consumer, brand, and the Home Furnishing industry, advocating and practicing artisan spirit, individuals, businesses and industries have been improved, better services for consumers. Brand for consumers tailored services for home brands, the brand’s promotional activities, such as the group will often be held, consumers also.相关的主题文章: