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During pregnancy, get angry, eat what will effect? – Sohu maternal face Zhangdou, halitosis, mouth ulcers, temper, irritability, constipation and other inexplicable are common phenomena of pregnant women get angry. But pregnant women affected not only affect their own health, but also affect the health of the fetus. So in addition to the need to adjust the mood of pregnant women get angry but also through the diet fire. What will the food during pregnancy? [milk] milk a lot of people think that drinking milk will increase the summer "lit", cause irritability, in fact, the summer blues is not only not "get angry", but also antipyretic drugs to anger. Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold, you can Ziyin, antipyretic drugs to play a "fire" effect, but also milk contains up to 70%% of water, can complement the human body in summer due to profuse sweating and loss of moisture. It should be noted that the milk is not frozen into ice, otherwise a lot of nutrients will be destroyed. Strawberry is not only delicious, but also medicinal value. Chinese medicine believes that it has a "fire" effect, Qingshu, antipyretic, chufan. Although tomatoes are visible throughout the year, tomatoes are the most sweet and nutritious in summer. It can also be Qingrejiedu, flat liver heat "". [cool] watermelon watermelon, eating will not cause angry, upset, but also rich in potassium, can make up for a lot of human body caused by potassium deficiency. But pay attention to watermelon into the refrigerator not more than 3 hours. [] soybean in Ziyin, soybean "fire" at the same time also added because of the heat consumed by a large number of proteins. Reminder: basic The new supersedes the old. in pregnant women increased maternal pregnancy, endocrine system changes, body heat consumption, blood glucose, lethargy, there will be hot performance, early pregnancy to drink plenty of water, eat less spicy hot food at the same time, pay attention to rest. Pregnant women get angry to eat what fruit is good for pregnant women get angry, appropriate to eat cold fruit can effectively relieve symptoms. But this kind of fruit should not eat, do not eat more than 3 a day. Where the spleen deficiency diarrhea or pregnant women should eat less, poor kidney function is unfit for human consumption. Pregnant women get angry can eat the following fruits: 1, pitaya, pitaya, cool, sweet and light fragrance. With heat, cough. Dragon fruit is known as the king of fruits, the iron content is higher than the average fruit at the same time, it also contains vitamin E and anthocyanins. With antioxidant, anti free radical, anti-aging effect. 2, sugar cane sugar cane is the health of the fire curing jiapin. Sugar cane is nourishing and clear, rich in nutrients. As a refreshing tonic, sugarcane treatment due to fever caused by the injury of Tianjin, upset thirsty, nausea and vomiting, lung dryness cough caused by asthma. Sugar cane juice can also alleviate alcoholism. 3, pear contains malic acid, citric acid, glucose, fructose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins, has a good effect for fever and heat, can Runfei cough, throat or stomach, nourishing, relieve cough, throat sore throat, constipation and other disorders. 4, rich in carambola carambola juice and fiber, can be born.相关的主题文章: