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90 girls overnight can with 6 company tens of millions of assets, I believe many people have had a dream, there are a number of companies dream of their own name, sitting on billions of assets, go on the pinnacle of life. Of course, many people just think about it, because the dream come true, you have to rely on their own efforts. But a 90 girl in Kunming, but recently dream into reality, overnight became a legal representative of the 6 companies or major shareholders, but she was not happy, but very afraid. Because these companies have nothing to do with her! Kunming girls name out of 6 companies according to the "Spring City Evening News" reported that a Kunming Lu 90 girl recently to a Kunming bank loan, in the audit data, the bank found that 6 companies under the name of her identity, as the legal representative or the shareholders, are registered in Shenzhen, the registered capital amounted to 9 million yuan. But the surprise is that the girl Lu said he had never been to Shenzhen, but did not open any company in Shenzhen!!! So the question is, who is so generous at the expense (Yin) (insurance) (the) big party (fraud), to "send" 6 companies should give the girl? Is the sky really pie? This is our girls believe that their personal information was leaked, be have an ulterior motive in the use of. She worried that these companies since her fraudulent use of identity information registration, business may have legal risks, and in their own business archives for the legal representative or the identity of major shareholders, it may bring a series of trouble. What is more annoyed, the girl went to the bank after the query data found by the end of 2015, their identity information in Jilin Changchun opened a bank account, and the opening of online banking business, they also knew nothing!! It is precisely because the 6 suddenly came out of the company, the bank believes that the 90 girls are the risk of users, so the loan was rejected. Currently, the girl has been reported to the Shenzhen business sector, but also to the Shenzhen public security organs and the Kunming public security organs. It is interesting to note that the above 90 girls encounter is not a case. Daily economic news reporter through the network search engine type identity theft registered company "keyword, will jump out more about" their ID card information stolen by the company, how should I do "; September 26th," Southern Metropolis Daily "reported that a man who was fraudulent use of identity information to open the company, 4 years of accumulated debt of more than 79 million yuan. 90 girls overnight can with 6 company tens of millions of assets, the reporter learned that, at present, the majority of people lost identity cards will announce the loss, and go through, but in the relevant system, will not appear after the lost card is invalid, the loss statement is only in order to avoid the risk. Traditional industrial and commercial registration loopholes if I do not go to the scene, only a personal identity information registered a company’s success rate is high? September 27th afternoon, the daily economic news reporter called the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry conducted an understanding of the phone, the official said, the application.相关的主题文章: