A chicken farm in Zhangzhou discovered 60 pounds of Python swallowed 6 chickens also refused to go. quickchm

A chicken farm in Zhangzhou discovered 60 pounds of Python swallowed 6 chickens would not leave the network September 18th news (reporter Wang Huimin correspondent Liu Junhua Fujian Zhu Bixing) September 18th morning, Wei Pu Cun Nanjing Longshan County of Zhangzhou City, a farm shop in weighing about 60 pounds of big snake, and later later refused to leave. In order to avoid the snake farm workers wounding, police assistance. Nanjing fire brigade dispatched 1 rescue vehicles and fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to dispose of the 7. Fire officers and soldiers with farmers together capture constrictor farmers said that this morning, he went to aquaculture workshop ready to feed, surprised to find that a dozen chickens were injured, inventory, found that about 6 less. When he suddenly saw the snake cage under workshop, to scare a lost soul. The snake body is huge, farmers can not close. When the fire brigade approached, the snake suddenly alert, originally curled up body began to expand, and stretch out, open mouthed, exposed teeth, continued to issue "hissing" demonstrations. Python is strapped in large bags to prevent attacks by snakes, fire officers and soldiers wear protective equipment. Two soldiers have rich experience to the python snake gently close, use a shovel to flush out the snake, the other men used the tongs to hold down the snake seven inches, different parts of the remaining few soldiers and farmers seized pythons, together with the snake caught in a prepared bags in, and tied the bag. Afterwards, the fire brigade contacted the forestry department staff, the pythons released. Fire officers and soldiers to remind the general public, now is the autumn season, the snake looking for food to prepare for hibernation satiety. Friends must do a good job of anti snake measures, if you encounter a snake, should not blindly catch the snake, so as not to be bitten.相关的主题文章: