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A trip, said to go on the trip to Yunnan, Lijiang (a) – Sohu travel Old Town of Lijiang, in general, the Lijiang is only a transit point for our trip to Yunnan, not too much to stay. Perhaps it is too amazing, perhaps outsiders say it too deified, Lijiang no less days. — a landmark of the city at the entrance to the big water tankers, tourists have not come to shoot a few zhang. Remember the curse of the "moment", whether to sell or sell shop drum national dress shop, almost all in the song, once brainwashed. Surprised to find that there are different styles. Like the Old Town of Lijiang street artist, can be seen everywhere in the ancient city, most are not to earn a little money, just a kind of pure love, before mentioned, this is just a way of life from Lijiang. Lijiang may be due to the beauty of the charm of more than food, the food is not a lot of pictures, it should be said that little = =! Recommend a few small wood in the house next to the restaurant, or good taste, its name is what I am not sure. The official entrance there are many snacks, but the individual is not recommended, the taste is not bad, the town’s snacks are a sample. A bar you want to watch, or want to love (to pay others) on many ancient city inn, the inn every kind of culture, are not the same, I recommend the free life post, cost-effective inn boss, enthusiastic, barbecue drink ~ chat trip.相关的主题文章: