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After the "double eleven" period: "black five" Chinese breakout path – Sohu technology reporter Yang Qingqing reported in Beijing guide for the future "black five" building, also need the cross-border manufacturers combined with user consumption upgrade Chinese demand, mining characteristics of "black five" unique, packaging and use close to the user’s operating Chinese means. November, China’s online shopping enthusiasts, both the gospel, but also a disaster. 11 days ago, the online shopping consumers in a variety of promotional discounts to buy information to buy and buy, after 11 days, in the poor to eat soil and suffering, such as delivery in the suffering of the swing. So, in November plus a bombing? "Double eleven" after the China consumers will continue to "cut the hand? This year’s "double eleven" and "black Friday" (hereinafter referred to as "black") Shopping Festival, only a difference of 14 days. The so-called "black five" refers to the day after Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Friday of November. The festival originated in the United States, because it is the day after Thanksgiving shopping after the first day of opening, will usher in Christmas, American consumers usually begin Christmas shopping, shopping malls will launch a large number of discounts and promotions. In recent years, with the rise of the sea Amoy, black five began quietly flowing into china. "Double eleven ‘after the’ black five ‘in the face of customer demand has been eroded market, which is a big challenge." Analysys think tank analyst Chen Tao told the economic report twenty-first Century business reporter, "the future" to build the black five ‘, the manufacturers also need to cross-border combination of user consumption upgrade China demand, mining features of "black five" unique, and close to the China user operation method using for packaging." "Double eleven" and then "chop hand"? "Double eleven ‘to buy clothes and daily necessities, skin care products waiting for’ black five’." Ms. Luo to twenty-first Century economic report reporter count himself a small abacus. Double eleven period, she bought a lot of clothes and shoes on Tmall, in the Jingdong to buy some daily necessities, but because of the favor of more foreign brands of cosmetics, she chose the black five during the single. Ms. Hu also on the black five full of expectations, plans to buy daily necessities and maternal and child products. In fact, Ms Wu told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, she was accustomed to the sea Amoy friends are looking forward to black five, mainly to trust the quality of foreign goods. But there are more consumers on the black five is not familiar with, in the double eleven has just ended this period of time, these consumers are not in the black five to continue shopping intention. Even consumers have never heard of "black five". "Black five" for China consumers, their awareness and acceptance, influence scope of "double eleven" not so prominent, the target audience is limited in a cross-border commodity consumption demand of the users, the influence is limited." Chen Tao to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, "on the other hand, this year’s" double eleven "period, the cross-border electricity providers have launched their own activities, are expected to increase their influence and the most enthusiastic revenue of the year in a nationwide online shopping festival." )相关的主题文章: