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An interview with Henry Henry Lau: kiss? There is a need to boo boo boo! Sohu – entertainment was asked if there was a burden to kiss Henry answer, "it must be pro ah"     Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ningwen Li Xin video) single eyelid Henry Henry Lau from Super Junior-M in 2016, the Korean men’s team, together with Aarif Lee in the Oriental TV "sister" in the mood. At the beginning of a program, see Song Dandan Henry said bluntly, you are not handsome ah! Still abandon his single eyelids, ask do you want to become a double fold. Asked about this, Henry said that after a long time very concerned about appearance. Later in shooting the first film "in the mood" Kitchen God, Henry is not put the burden idol, but Michelle Yeoh asked him, "the audience is not looking for you to grow into what look like, but you feel on the inside". Henry funny show their charm of four dimensional   of course, depression is never Henry the right to open the way, some people describe him is actually a "idol of the evil wind". In this interview, it is to experience the four dimension of his charm, and strong ability to sell adorable. Asked the fans can not accept customers how to do? His eyes at the lens, pursed mouth, three to do a "Bo", said a kiss must kiss fans ah, please understand. Henry poute fans rushed Bobo   as love beans when cook is what kind of experience? "The kitchen is very hot, there are a lot of flavor, the chefs have worked hard, I love you!" Sohu Entertainment: in fact, this is your big screen experience, where the script to attract you? Henry: actually, this is my first time acting before filming, I never play, see the script, I feel that this role is not the same with me quite a lot of places, so it is a new challenge. Because of this movie is mainly about to cook, I shot this movie before completely not cook, will only make the egg with instant noodles. So I was actually for this movie has trained about three or four months, has been for several hours every day, has been training cook, so not only in acting, but also a very big challenge to cook the. Sohu Entertainment: do you like to cook? Henry: actually, I really have never had the idea of being a chef. When I was training, I was really tired. The second is that you can easily cut the hand, there are a lot of smoke, a lot of flavor, so I this time through the film, I know how tired they cook, so first of all, you have worked hard, I love you. But this time feel, do a bowl of meal, to other people, see them to eat, see their faces, if they feel good, it really makes people very moved, so I think this movie is the key point to cook for others, and then through the meal you can feel no, just a bowl of rice, a bowl of rice which can include a lot of memories,相关的主题文章: