Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming Shen Teng three fit all star of great momentum zghd

Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming Shen Teng "three" fit all star entertainment news of great momentum Tencent directed by Jing Wong Andy Lau, starring Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, Hu Ran, Ouyang Nana, Xie Yilin, Junjie Mao, Wu Yue, Petrina Fung, starring Xu Dongdong, Zhao Yingjun, Qi Wei, Shen Teng special movie "trump card" with ace will be on September 30th 18:00 little surprise Ying, October 1st National release, the National Archives PA smile. From the release as well as a few days ago, the film side, released a final hand-painted posters, rough and sharp diffuse wind brighten. The all star team shocking debut, starring dozens dressed debut, Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng "three" domineering fit, and Xie Yilin Wong Cho Lam on both sides of the three comedy ace to join, let the "trump card" to become the national archives with ACE audience relaxed decompression choice! Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming Shen Teng was the first to open the "funny" hand-painted style sporty film "trump card" with ACE is about embarrassed treasure ye (Andy Lau): Luo Jia Hao (Huang Xiaoming) joined forces in A dream (Wong Cho Lam ornaments), Luo Jia Xin (Ouyang Nana ornaments), the help of a terrorist organization and the world snatch "God seed, Indiana adventure story save the world. The release of the ultimate hand-painted posters highly visual tension. The whole dynamic character poster, exaggerated rough, full of beautiful diffuse wind. Posters, Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng "three" Wong Cho Lam and Xie Yilin "domineering fit, quarrelsome lovers gathered. Trump card slightly exaggerated body language, eye-catching poster color, and the film’s own comedy temperament complement each other. Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng’s "Sanlitun" combination, beginning, has been on both sides of the Changjiang River huobian. The poster Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming domineering gunman, Shen Teng put a pair of eager fighting posture. "Three" body caused onlookers: "this seems to enlarge the recruit!" About two people and scenes, Andy Lau smiled and said: "there are a lot of comedy attitude, Xiao Ming and Shen Teng has its own understanding for comedy, in the" trump card "which can make ace picked you love money." And for the first time to cooperate with idols, Huang Xiaoming particularly excited: when I heard this film in China, I would like to take a rocket to play ah! Really happy to be able to cooperate with China, he has been my role model. In front of him like a child, I have a sense of dependence." Wong Cho Lam Xie Yilin "quarrelsome lovers" meet multiple comedy power hi turn the "trump card" trump card with the national archives not only Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng "three" fit, more diversified comedy power absorption. Wong Cho Lam’s comedy talent has long been obvious., Yang Guo, Tony Leung, Rong Momo, many characters he imitate reach the acme of perfection. Whether in the film or the variety show, Wong Cho Lam can produce Nitian comedy force. Because of this, Wong Cho Lam has become a leader in China’s new generation of harmonic stars. Play as in Yan, Xie Lin claimed to have a "refresh human three" passion play with Wong Cho Lam, also said in the play off for the next 3 months of dating. From acting on behalf of "Kangxi".相关的主题文章: