Anhui rains recent precipitation record extremes in Beijing

Anhui rains recent precipitation record extremes – Beijing, China News Agency, Hefei (reporter Wu Lan) in November 1, 33 days in 24 days in the rain state. 1 reporter learned from the Anhui provincial Climate Center, the center of the new climate statistics show that the recent Anhui continuous rainfall, precipitation, sunshine hours were a record for the extreme, in 1961 the province has the most complete period since meteorological records. "The sun is big, can’t show up, or as face and run, the weather has become a hot topic in the circle of friends recently ridicule people here. 1, the Anhui provincial capital of Hefei, many people will dry clothes out, although the day is cloudy, "blow it". Since September 25th, Anhui continuous rain process, the province’s average rainfall of 273 mm, compared with the same period the year anomaly in 3.1 times, for the 1961 period since meteorological records complete most of the province has 67 counties ranked in the same period of partial precipitation years before three, of which 50 counties for the history of the most. According to reports, during this period, Anhui Province, the average precipitation days was 18.9 days, 10.1 more than normal days, as of 1961 there is a complete meteorological records since the same period in more than and 2, after 19 days in 2000. Among them, between the central and Western Huaibei, and parts of daily rainfall over the Yangtze River along the Huaihe River reached 24 days. According to statistics, there are 70 cities and counties in Anhui, the number of days of precipitation over the same period of history for many years before the top three, of which more than the same period in the history of the 32 cities and counties. The longest continuous rainfall days for 7.4 days, the province has a maximum of 25 cities and counties in the number of consecutive days of continuous rainfall over the same period in the last few years, the top three. At the same time, the data show that these 33 days, the average sunshine hours in Anhui province for 62 hours, compared with the same period last year, less than 110 hours, the lowest since 1961. Among them, the central part of Huaibei to the central and eastern part of the Yangtze River in the eastern part of the Yangtze River, the sunshine time is at least 36 hours. The latest weather forecast shows that the weather in Anhui is expected to turn into a sunny day. (end)相关的主题文章: