Beijing – VIDEO – lost book battle effect Passenger reading a little difficult to achieve quickchm

Beijing – VIDEO – "lost book battle" effect? Passengers: to achieve a little difficult to read the book lost battle effect? Passengers: it is difficult to read a Book [interpretation] recently, the British actor Elmar Sen put his favorite book on the corner of the subway, in order to promote reading, on the Internet caused no small stir. Actor Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, who also have to respond, in the North Canton and other places have also launched a Chinese version of the subway lost book". For a time, throw the book big battle brush circle of friends. And the actual effect? Some of the passengers in an interview with Xinhua reporter recently, most people think this is a good thing, but the activities of the effect is not recognized, because the north of Guangzhou traffic special. [comment] Elmar? Morizo 100 books on the London underground, the "Lost Book War" escalated into more than 10 thousand, there is a long list of celebrities, writers, media people, hope that through interactive games lost book and pick up the book, calling for people to read good books at the time of the debris, and at the same time let the book flow together and share the originalintention was also recognized by many people. [in the same period]: Beijing residents in fact this is a public welfare activities, as long as it does not endanger the development of the city on the line. The same period []: if the residents of Beijing is the book on the subway for free reading is very good, this is not the same [it] knowledge circulation: Beijing residents are willing to look good ah, not to see. [the same period]: Beijing residents I think reading is still needed, if the free reading is better. [the same period]: Beijing residents will see, because sometimes they will read, after all, the paper will feel better than the electronic. [comment] the full-length MTR negative operating Beijing Metro Line 4 and line 14 of nearly 100 kilometers, the main battlefield is the "lost book operations", the official website said, No. 4 Beijing line runs through the north-south direction, through the densely populated city, Fengtai, Haidian District, two line road respectively. Covering Wangjing, Xidan, Zhongguancun Road, and other crowded shopping district, and school districts and scenic areas, including the Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing subway line network is one of the more busy a few important line. Daily passenger transport volume is not low. In such circumstances, the original intention of the book lost in the subway, although by the unanimous affirmation, but passengers more concerns and it is very difficult to achieve, because too much traffic, open reading books almost become a luxury in the car. [the same period]: Beijing residents in the subway, but not necessarily have time to look at the book. In fact, we are looking for their own mobile phone book fragments of time, not open ah, I just in the A4 paper, are not open, I want to see one eye can not see, can not read, look at the mobile phone will do. [period]: what time do you think Beijing residents read the chant, you cannot read the morning rush hour, time off, to get a good look at the time. [in the same period]: Beijing residents may be free to take it, I think, 21, this kind of reading environment, as usual morning and evening peak can not see, then road相关的主题文章: