Blind massage is easy to cause cervical spondylosis or stiff neck associated with cervical spondylos tonya mitchell

Blind massage is easy to cause cervical spondylosis with stiff neck or cervical spondylosis of stiff neck, "fall" in the dictionary as "Miss", also known as "insomnia", therefore Stiffneck according to this explanation, is probably not the night stiff neck pillow lead to disease, so it is the actual situation, many are not because of stiff neck good pillow pillow. Some people say that, since it is so high pillow pillow at night to sleep, not all right? Mr. Zhu is so, love the two pillows stacked, since that "he is more than and 20 years old, the sleep without any anxiety" began to get up stiff neck, often pain. Take X of the cervical spine radiographs, the report said "straight cervical lordosis". In fact, many of the early onset and recurrence of cervical spondylosis and improper use of the pillow, the pillow is not good to a large extent affect the human cervical joint. The expert reminds say, remember, not the pillow pillow "head", but is not pillow neck, head, neck and upper back to the pillow, uniform stress, often remember the following precautions are stiffneck. Often Stiffneck should pay attention to what? 1, the height of the pillow should not exceed 11 cm, which is equivalent to the unilateral shoulder, easy to sleep sideways, the pillow is not too high or too low, the texture should be soft hard moderate, comfortable sleep on the line. 2, the current health care pillow more varieties, but no matter what kind of pillow, the pillow must in the neck, head up, it is not only can maintain good physiological bending, but also can make the head just relax, do not need other special features, in fact, buckwheat pillow can. 3, if you are sleep onset, must have a pillow, if not pillow, will lead to physiological curvature straighten, aggravated neck muscle fatigue, edema. 4, normal cervical discomfort, with a small pillow in the neck, to restore the physiological curvature effect. You can also use a roll of toilet paper instead of a small pillow in the neck, but can not replace the usual pillow, not too long a time, one hour can persist for some time to try. 5, if there is nothing on the pillow can’t sleep situation, should go to a doctor, the cervical spine has a problem, don’t wait for the proliferation of powerful, intervertebral disc herniation treatment, it is not good to cure. Blind massage easily cause cervical spondylosis for cervical spondylosis, massage therapy has some Shujintongluo, blood scattered silt, Xiaozhongzhitong, lubricating joints, reduction of staggered joint effect on nerve root type effect is obvious, has certain curative effect on vertebral artery type and sympathetic nerve type. However, regardless of the type of blind, rough massage cervical spine will have two adverse consequences: first, prone to accidental injury. The operator manual overweight or normal strength so that more than miss the point, neck bones and ligaments, or because of neck lesions has formed intervertebral joint instability or destruction of vertebral bodies, a force that appear dislocation or fracture and cervical spinal cord compression or spinal nerve root. Secondly, the blind, rough massage cervical spine acceleration process. Any operation beyond the physiological limits of the cervical spine may lead to a local traumatic response. Mild local edema, exudation increased, adhesion formation, or ligament tear, and ligament subperiosteal hemorrhage, hematoma, machine, calcification and osteophyte formation from that.相关的主题文章: