By the end of 2020, Sichuan expressway will be built in and out of the channel 24 tamiflu

By the end of 2020, Sichuan expressway will be built into the channel of Sichuan Province, Sichuan, 2016, 24 plans to start the project of the highway on the 13. Map according to the Sichuan Provincial Department of transportation (micro-blog, WeChat) Sichuan Chengdu news network September 19th news (reporter Dai Luling photo coverage) yesterday morning, the province’s highway projects focus on the mobilization activities also held in Chengdu in five, the main venue is located in Chengdu economic zone of west section of Dujiangyan Ring Expressway (micro-blog) bridge construction site, the venue in Mianyang (micro-blog) and Deyang (micro-blog), Leshan (micro-blog) and Liangshan (micro-blog) four City (state) began to focus on the highway project construction site. Vice governor Yang Hongbo speech and announced the start of the focus of activities. Sichuan news network reporter was informed that in 2016 our province highway plans to start 13 projects, the total mileage of 1164 km, a total investment of 168 billion 800 million yuan, involving 12 city, 4 city groups, the 5 major economic zones (state), will set off a new upsurge of the province’s transportation construction. 9 projects today began to focus on the mobilization of the Chengdu Economic Zone, Pujiang Ring Expressway (micro-blog) to Dujiangyan, Deyang and Jianyang (micro-blog) is the Chengdu economic zone of the western and the eastern section of the high-speed link, the project will further improve the city Chengdu city traffic network, help the development of Chengdu economic zone. Jiuzhaigou (micro-blog) to Mianyang, Ren mu, Emei to Hanyuan (micro-blog) highway in our province is the minority areas across the important trunk highway development and precise poverty alleviation, the implementation of the project will effectively improve regional traffic conditions, promote development along the advantages of resources and economic and social development. Lu Huang, music expansion for strengthening the expressway transportation channel function, which is of great significance to the economic and social development. 2016 is a comprehensive well-off society built the decisive stage of the first year implementation plan, "13th Five-Year", is the provincial government to determine the project. The province’s transportation system to thoroughly implement the provincial government in accordance with the deployment, completed a number of, accelerate the construction of a number, the number of new construction planning, reserve a number of "work requirements, fully play a major role in boosting investment on highway project. Sichuan Provincial Department of transportation official said, the next will accelerate Ya’an (micro-blog) to Kangding, Wenchuan (micro-blog) to Barkam and other 16 projects under construction, construction of 1548 km. 1-8 months, the province completed 84 billion 500 million yuan investment in transportation construction. At the end of this year, Bazhong (micro-blog) by Guang’an (micro-blog) to Chongqing (Sichuan Chongqing circle), Xuyong to Gulin, Chongqing and other projects will be built into an opening, the new mileage of more than 500 kilometers, the province’s total highway mileage over 6500 km. Accelerate this year, plans to start the new highway project preparatory work, the new year will start 13 new projects, more than 1000 km. Strengthen project reserves. Advanced planning, the use of early start, cross operation, parallel propulsion, seamless lap work, do a good job in the pre project reserves. Currently, 4 projects, 451 KM has been successful investment, the project has been published in the tender announcement of the investor, 6 km, 687 km. During the year, will launch 6 projects, 508 kilometers to carry out investment.相关的主题文章: