Can track the Xiayedi fully experience the new Jeep free man 1.4T (video) aspack

Can track the Xiayedi fully experience the new Jeep free man 1.4T from World War II military vehicles to now entered the civilian market, Jeep brand after 70 years of change, but it is still in the hearts of countless men dream. As a focus on manufacturing SUV manufacturers, the introduction of each model are more or less given the value of the feelings of the new members of the family – free man (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry) the same. Recently, Jeep in Beijing resset Speedway held a free man "super driving fun track day", the day Jeep freedom man debut track, more beautiful Racer Back refueling, feel free to bring ultra common man driving fun experience. Here we will experience a full range of free man can bring us what kind of driving control fun. "Said the car" said small base profile small base drive Jeep freedom man square, box body structure, the unique taste with the Jeep family, let freedom man really have very high rates of return. Has been added seven hole grille and round headlights brand totem, is a continuation of the family brand. Free man in the design of the full consideration of the young people’s choice of personality, the 11 colors also meet the needs of different aesthetic groups. Brand unique family of 7 hole grille, with a high degree of recognition, one can see that this is a Jeep. The dual round headlights group added some retro for the vehicle interior, halogen light source. From the side of the body, "the principle of design and the four round of the four Wrangler angle" (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) is very similar to the short front and rear suspension also get a good close angle and the angle of departure. The 181mm of the ground clearance so that the free man with occasional wild capital. 18 inch color wheel hub is very beautiful, and the vehicle design style is also very tune. Tires for horse brand ProContact TX, size 22555 R18. The tail is the best show free man personality, which stay adorable taillights is obviously the most representative, and founder of the tail lines make this car have a hard feeling. The edges of square taillights clear, with the word "X" is the tail of the car interior design of the punchline taillight. The single side double exhaust and black rear bumper with a silver lower surround highlight the wild side. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable. The free man’s interior and exterior, also is full of youth and vitality, won the "Ward global top ten interior layout and the overall color is consistent with the aesthetic view of contemporary young people. The console uses a soft material package, and most of the Jeep models, the copilot position installed handrails. The iconic three spoke multifunction steering wheel, both sides of the key texture is excellent, fully functional, the steering wheel outer ring thick, with a good grip. The traditional double circular type instrument panel with outer matte silver edging, looks quite powerful. Part of the tachometer red zone using a similar design magma splash, design with free man personality, good dynamic.相关的主题文章: