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Chengdu exposure 875 batches of substandard food: Carrefour and other enterprises on the black list of news: extension of Chengdu more than 100 stores of food testing Dezhuang Chongqing Hot pot containing flavor Xiao Yu on the list on November 4th afternoon, the Chengdu Municipal Food and Drug Administration informed the 2016 fourth issue of food safety supervision and sampling results. In the 5634 batch of samples, 875 batches of unqualified. The reporter found, Chengdu jindazhou Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Xinjin branch of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the county Dezhuang Hot pot shop, Chengdu Carrefour Supermarket Co. Ltd., Wenjiang Xindu shop, toilet string string string sweet shop, six Shiva Jinniu District River, Dujiangyan City Pier story Hot pot Chongqing taste Hot pot shop, Xiao Yu Chongzhou Chongyang city dragon Jin Peng family of Sichuan basin the restaurant, Jintang County, Chengdu Sheng Rong and Hot pot shop catering Co. Ltd., Shuangliu County Hot pot shop and other well-known Xiaoyu food production operators have boarded heibang. It is reported that the total sample of 5634 batches, 426 batches of the production, circulation of 4180 batches, 1028 batches of food and beverage sectors. Including health food, egg products, starch and its products, bean products, convenience food, bee products, canned food, frozen drinks, wine, food and meat products, eggs, meat, milk and dairy products, fresh meat, food products, edible oil and oil products, vegetables and aquatic products and aquatic products, and processed products, fruits and fruit products, frozen food, condiments, beverages and other products. The sampling results showed that samples of 875 batches, 40 batches of the production, circulation of 525 batches, 310 batches of the food and beverage sectors, the overall sample pass rate of 15.53%. Why the overall failure rate compared to a rise? In this regard, the Chengdu Municipal Food and drug administration, responsible person, through the food risk monitoring and scientific research, the use of big data, to achieve targeted sampling, ability risk and industry to expose the unspoken rule of food is also significantly improved. "As far as possible to improve the detection rate of unqualified samples, and strive to put food safety hazards prominent nipped in the bud, so as to enhance the overall level of global food safety in Chengdu." Reporters learned that the local food and drug supervision departments have started for the first time to investigate and verify the main responsibility of samples of the main production and management should bear in accordance with the law. In violation of the relevant laws and regulations of the production and operation of the main responsibility, by the district (city) County food and drug administration to carry out the verification disposal of unqualified samples, ordered the illegal production and operation of enterprises under the frame, recall substandard products, thorough investigation of the problem reasons and comprehensive rectification, and the law of the production and operation of enterprises in the implementation of administrative punishment or timely transferred in accordance with the law the public security organs. Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Chun a week infraredimages: client Mianyang police take out a 15 year old woman YANWO among the smallest slip network transmission Deyang Xiao spicy AIDS police to check the source of Sichuan is a microcosm of the world as Sichuan people proud of the beauty of Chengdu university students. All muscles should go to the world championships in Sichuan super handsome white teacher Gao Yan value of popular network

成都曝光875批次不合格食品:家乐福等企业上黑榜   新闻延展:   成都100余家火锅店食品检测含铝 德庄渝味晓宇等上榜   11月4日下午,成都市食品药品监督管理局通报2016年第四期食品安全监督抽检结果。在5634批样品中,875批不合格。   记者查阅发现,成都金大洲实业发展有限公司、四季鲜蔬菜水果分店、新津县德庄火锅店、成都家乐福超市有限公司新都店、厕所串串、温江六婆串串香店、金牛区江边码头故事火锅、都江堰市渝味晓宇火锅店、崇州市崇阳金彭世家川西坝子餐饮店、金堂县大龙火锅店、成都盛世蓉和餐饮有限公司、双流县晓宇火锅店等知名食品生产经营主体纷纷登上黑榜。   据悉,本次共抽取样品5634批,其中生产环节426批,流通环节4180批,餐饮环节1028批。包括保健食品、蛋制品、淀粉及其制品、豆制品、方便食品、蜂产品、罐头、酒类、冷冻饮品、粮食及其制品、禽蛋、肉制品、乳及乳制品、生鲜畜禽肉、食品相关产品、食用油、油脂及其制品、蔬菜及其制品、水产品及水产加工品、水果及其制品、速冻食品、调味品、饮料等产品。   抽检结果显示,不合格样品875批,其中生产环节40批,流通环节525批,餐饮环节310批,本期样品总体不合格率为15.53%。   为什么总体不合格率较往期有所提升?对此,成都市食药监局相关负责人称,通过食品风险监测和科研攻关,利用大数据,实现了有针对性地抽检,食品风险及行业潜规则揭露能力也大幅提高。“尽可能提高不合格样品发现率,力争把突出的食品安全隐患消灭在萌芽状态之中,从而提升全域成都食品安全整体水平。”   记者了解到,属地食品药品监管部门已第一时间启动对不合格样品生产经营主体所应承担的主体责任依法进行调查核实。对违反相关法律法规的生产经营责任主体,已由属地区(市)县食药监局对不合格样品开展核查处置,责令违法生产经营企业下架、召回不合格产品,彻查问题原因并全面整改,并依法对生产经营企业实施行政处罚或及时依法移送公安机关处理。   成都商报客户端记者 王春   一周热图:   绵阳警方端掉一淫窝 其中最小失足女子15岁   网传德阳肖麻辣得了艾滋病 警方介入查源头   四川简直就是世界的缩影 作为四川人骄傲   厉害了成都美女大学生浑身肌肉 还要去世锦赛   超帅 四川高校白衣老师高颜值走红网络相关的主题文章: