Chinese Academy of Sciences China ranks 30 in the forefront of excellence in the performance of the

The Chinese Academy of Sciences: China excellence ranked second in the world – the Sohu 2016 research frontier publishing and education seminar site October 31st news 30 in the forefront of scientific research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Kelaili analysis of flying company 31, jointly issued the "2016" research report pointed out that in the 180 hot spots, emerging frontier of natural science and social science field selection in Chinese excellence is 30, second in the world of excellence research frontier ranks, second only to the United states. President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of science and technology strategy consulting Pan Jiaofeng, the 30 front covers 8 areas, relatively concentrated in chemistry, material science, more evenly distributed in physics, biology, engineering, mathematics, computer and other fields. Among them, the forefront of the birth of major issues accounted for the majority. China in the avian influenza virus, polymer solar cells, black phosphorus, semi metal and metal manufacturing and other cutting-edge topics on the front of the performance is very prominent. The report also pointed out that in the leading edge of the degree, the United States in the forefront of the author of the 152 core papers selected, accounting for nearly 85%, the advantage is still evident. China in the 68 frontier has selected the author of the core author of the communication, accounting for nearly 40%, the index is less than the UK’s 90, located in the third. According to reports, by continuing to track the world’s most important scientific research and academic papers, research and analysis of the model cited papers and clustering, you can find the forefront of research. Report in the selection of the 180 hot and emerging frontier, the analysis of the layout of their countries and institutions, and then show the current global research frontier. According to the report, the 10 hot spots in chemistry and materials science, as well as the new frontier, are mainly distributed in the areas of organic chemistry, battery research, luminescent materials, nanomaterials and perovskite materials, and so on in the field of chemistry and Materials Science (22). There are 20 research frontiers in physics, which focus on high energy physics, condensed matter physics, theoretical physics and optics. High energy physics, for example, neutrino oscillation and gravitational wave detection is still a hot spot this year, indirect detection of dark matter is also of concern. In addition, in the field of ecology and environmental science, the focus is on environmental pollution. In economics, psychology and other social sciences in the frontier as one of the top 10 in the field of psychology, occupy 3 seats, respectively is the "Internet addiction behavior cause and effect", "self mutilation and Dutch act behavior" and "music training and cognitive ability". (source: Xinhua)相关的主题文章: