Chongqing a bookstore selling tea coffee also sell liquor supper to even WiFi reading wetnwild

Chongqing a bookstore selling tea coffee also sell liquor supper to even WiFi reading "blade Book pub" is not only a bookstore, but also sell tea selling coffee, liquor and even sell supper. Newspaper reporter Paul Liu photo a selling books, selling coffee, liquor, sometimes sell supper bookstore, what will it be like? In the vicinity of Jiangbei Guanyin Bridge there is such a Book pub". Even more interesting is that the book in the bookstore can be free to read, but do not provide free WiFi. If you want to connect to the bookstore’s WiFi Internet access, then you have to follow the requirements of the bookstore owner, looking for a book to read. Every book up to two books, a book selling a book to look at a corner of the bookstore is located in Jiangbei District, creative Er Shi meow, boss is a Chongqing native young writer, pen name is Jiang Ling, 29 years old this year. The store has more than 3000 books, more than two of this book will not repeat. A book to sell, a book for free. To make up a book. If you find that there is only one book, it means that the book has not been completed. In Jiang Ling’s bookstore, you can read for free, but it can not "free" internet. In fact, the bookstore in June when the trial business, and even WiFi are not installed, Jiang Ling given the reason is: what to read WiFi?" In the bookstore after the installation of WiFi, every time someone asked him the bookstore WiFi password, Jiang Ling will let him look for the book to read: only to find a book". It turned out that Jiang Ling bookstore WiFi password hidden in a number of books, and these books are in 2000 and won the Nobel prize for literature by the author. It is interesting that many people in the process of looking for a password, will encounter an interest in the book, they forget to find the password, and then began to read. This is exactly what Jiang Ling hopes, he also wrote a piece of paper on the password: "a challenge – 30 minutes to focus on reading rather than look at the phone." The bookstore sells tea liquor selling coffee, also sell supper Jiang Ling to name your bookstore blade book pub". The "blade" name, because love is Jiangling British novelist Maugham wrote "blade". The book pub highlights the special properties of the bookstore, it is not only a bookstore, but also sell tea to sell coffee, and even sell beer and cocktails. "Books shape people, wine is the catalyst between people, used to create atmosphere." Jiang Ling said, although called "Book pub", but few people here drink while reading, because reading and drinking is different. In this bookstore, you can book with friends, also can to a cocktail party. Recently, Jiang Ling again in the bookstore opened a night canteen selling a supper. But late at night after dinner at ten in the evening, there are people in the bookstore open. As for what to eat, it depends on what’s in the fridge. Chief reporter Intern Hou Jialin Paul Liu相关的主题文章: