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A scenic area of Chongqing sued the film won the "Transformers 4" / about 2000000 – Sohu culture channel   yesterday, third intermediate people’s court sentenced sues the Wulong scenic area "Transformers 4" case, Wulong area responsible for the show verdict in favour. Newspaper reporter Li Bin photo lasted 861 days, 10 o’clock yesterday morning, the Wulong scenic area sued American blockbuster "Transformers 4" case in Chongqing city court verdicts third. After 37 minutes to read the verdict, the court with a verdict of 34 pages of the case for the first instance verdict. This is a sentence, to the Wulong scenic area is successful, "4" after a defeat the producers. In December 2013, Chongqing City, Wulong Karst tourism (Group) Co. Ltd. and the "Transformers 4" took 1905 Party (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. signed the "Wulong County into movie" Transformers 4 "cooperation agreement", agreed to sign in the movie the way show "Wulong Chinese eye-catching logo. June 2014 "4" movie premiere, the film was not found in Wulong scenic spot "China Wulong" logo, said "China Wulong" where? In July 2014, the Wulong scenic area to the Chongqing third intermediate people’s court proceedings, for Paramount Pictures, 1905 (Beijing) Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the the "two company") compensation for the loss of a total of more than 1800 yuan. In April 26, 2016, the Chongqing third intermediate people’s court hearing the case, the trial, the defendant argued that the "Chinese Wulong" logo is not in the global release version of implanted logo is only part of the cooperation agreement, and timely in other DVD version added "China Wulong" logo, the other obligations under the contract agreement have been fulfilled, there is no breach of the contract, the plaintiff’s claim refund of the contract, compensation for economic losses and no basis. The court also filed a counterclaim 1905 accident, requires the plaintiff to pay the contract payments and fines totaling more than 1240 yuan. The judgment of "4" producers lost about 2000000 in the first instance verdict, the court finds that the two sides signed the contract all the facts and details, sentencing and as a factual basis: 1 Paramount Pictures, 1905 (Beijing) Network Technology Co. Ltd. in this verdict within fifteen days from the date of common compensation Chongqing City, Wulong Karst tourism (Group) Co., Ltd. economic losses and 2 million 9 thousand yuan rights fee. 2 rejected the Chongqing Wulong tourism (Group) Co., Ltd. other claims of the. The 3 dismissal of the 1905 (Beijing) Network Technology Co. Ltd. the counterclaim. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, the ruling has not yet entered into force. If you do not obey the judgment, the original defendant may be served within 15 days from the date of judgment (foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan parties involved in the judgment can be served within the next 30 days) to appeal. For whether to appeal, both lawyers said they need to discuss with the original, the defendant company to decide. Senior sources have pointed out that the Chongqing Karst company in foreign litigation.相关的主题文章: