Chongqing beat his father 20 times more than two times to break his arm was sentenced isobuster

Chongqing man beaten father 20 times two times the breaking of the arm was sentenced to "Chengkou County People’s Court Criminal Tribunal now Zhu Moumou guilty of a crime of intentional injury case public hearing". At 10 a.m. on November 21st, chief justice Liao Bangming solemnly declared. Due to assault, maltreatment and desertion of the elderly in rural areas compared to typical cases, in order to better warning and education of the majority of the villagers, inheritance of respecting virtue, establish the legal authority, city court criminal trial court decision on the defendant to live in a community of the town of Yin Chengkou County Public hearing the case. During the trial, there are about 240 students, more than 300 villagers participated in the case to attend. The 41 year old Zhu Moumou Xinghua village Chengkou County village, has been with the parents Zhu, Lee live. The defendant Zhu Moumou in live together with parents during idle, lazy, not only fail to perform their duty, but often beaten alcohol abuse of the elderly. Since 2014, Zhu Moumou and his father on the death of the use of the issue of the death of a large difference, the intensification of contradictions, Zhu Moumou after a long time at home to beat or abuse his father. Reflect his father Zhu repeatedly to the village, police station, education to no avail. In desperation, in October 24th this year, Zhu son sued the Chengkou County People’s court punished. Just over a year period, Zhu Moumou has used shoes, bamboo sticks, hoes and so on beating his father 20 times, two times and break the arm, causing a minor level. Eventually, the defendant Zhu Moumou guilty of intentional assault, was sentenced to one year and six months. "Today to attend by education, judge through the case on a vivid legal education classes for us, the old man learned how to protect themselves through legal means, young people learn to care, respect and care for the elderly." The villagers to attend the audit said. In recent years, the court always adhere to the people, the judicial justice, to implement the "who who law enforcement, legal responsibility system, vigorously carry out the circuit court under the rural villages and communities, through the assizes the vivid classroom form, to facilitate the masses litigation, the parties to reduce litigation costs, to achieve a" trial to the case, a piece of education ", to achieve unity between social effect and legal effect, promote social harmony and stability. Source: City Court相关的主题文章: