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"Dear princess," love is the window Mike disease down — entertainment channel — Mike, Du Yan Beijing in August 25,   (Tang Ping) idol network drama "dear princess disease", this week will usher in the sixth set, the video produced by the Sohu, in directed, Qi Wei as the artistic director, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Bairong, MIKE, Taixing Du Yan starring the adorable love idol network drama with its unique plot to capture a large number of fans. Zhang Yuxi, Chen Bairong the story to the fifth episode, "dear princess," several characters in the disease gradually plump, Lin not only miss the stars playfully Princess disease, she also has deep in the heart of sadness and fragile; Jiang Nianyu is not just cold and stiff ice face, he will be the bear doll make women happy; there are two male Zheng Chuyao although grumpy, but jealous when not willing to admit and angrily looked very adorable. Zhang Yuxi, Chen Bairong, Du Yan in episode sixth, Lin star has started slowly in the Jiang Nianyu trust imperceptibly, danger is he first thought of. But Jiang Nianyu too are not good at expressing themselves, only silently guarding the princess, would be her knight, but not a prince, so let the child heart fans shouted good distressed. Zheng Chuyao also playfully, clearly looking at the stars and Nianyu Lin Jiang together when jealousy has broken the horizon, but refuses to admit, also let Lin Xingchen dance in public, the audience is also unable to tucao. Why the stars on Nianyu Jiang Lin crying out "in this life, I don’t want to see you so refuse it? Jiang Nianyu incarnation of "bear Knight", but Lin stars threw himself to the ground, head also fell, he will not be the princess Lin found the true identity? August 26th on the line, "dear, Princess disease" sixth set to give you all the answers. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: