Do you know these inscriptions Dazu stone strange words mystery verbal jint

Do you know these inscriptions Dazu stone "strange words" some ancient mystery Dazu stone inscription let people remain perplexed despite much thought. In November 14th, the seventh annual meeting held in Dazu Dazu stone research association. From all more than and 180 provinces and scholars gathered in Chongqing, on the Dazu stone to carry out academic exchanges. The meeting, Dazu stone carving art museum curator first, 84 year old Chen Mingguang to the Chongqing morning news reporter revealed that the mystery of the Dazu rock carvings and a lot of people do not know, "a large number of inscriptions in the world, the use of a large number of common characters, do not know." This is the ancient Chinese characters do? Why the ancient use of this text, is still a mystery. The other is the more than 100 thousand treasures of Dazu stone inscriptions according to Chen Mingguang, in between the 50 thousand Dazu stone statues, there are more than 100 thousand pieces of stone, these inscriptions recorded the Dazu Rock Carvings construction time, character, reason, is extremely precious historical materials. Moreover, these inscriptions are not produced in the same Dynasty from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty are. Because precious, Chen Mingguang’s Chongqing Dazu stone carving art museum dedicated to the collection of these inscriptions, inscriptions will be divided into statues in niches carved inscriptions, stele, inscription poems, blogs and other four categories to write down loading, and logging, gathered in the "Dazu stone inscription in the book.". And this book is a unique chapter devoted to the emergence of these inscriptions in the strange words". These words are strange, because they look like Chinese characters, but no one can identify the exact pronunciation or meaning. These strange words have both left and right structure, but also the upper and lower structures, as well as the surrounding structure. Part of the word seems to be "at the word says," but more words "no solution". Baodingshan. Sam was writing three words, "King" yesterday, the reporters came to the Chen Mingguang show, dug in the Southern Song Dynasty to song Chun Chun Xi (1174-1252) from the Baodingshan grotto, witnessed the cave inscriptions in the strange words. In the "dark world" attractions, there is a "mouth" text inscriptions, the inscriptions have a strange word, is on the structure, the upper part of the word "no", "small" word, if hope word says, "small" should be "big" the Dazu stone engraved inscription, "record", this is the word "big" means. Another word is on the structure, the upper part is "no", "to", the reporter thought long unknown meaning, according to reports, this should be a word. The Buddha there is a named "Sam imperial relic Zan" inscriptions, here the "Trinity" refers to the Song Dynasty, Emperor Taizong, Shin Ren, but this word was written in stone inscriptions in the three "king". Baodingshan small fowan was not open to visitors, so reporters can not enter, but according to the "Dazu stone inscriptions recorded" records, the first North Tower Tower. There is a strange word: it is "the mountain", is "water", "soil below". The word meaning He Yin, has puzzled many people. Later, experts think that this is "to" word, and the word context even it is "hell eighteen".相关的主题文章: