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Esprit performance losses of two changes to the old brand means difficult potential performance losses of two Esprit change means difficult old brand potential of Zhu Yun Esprit, the former garment industry leaders, are getting older, is no longer a fashion leader, the younger generation of consumers Esprit brand image blur. Recently, the parent company of Hongkong Esprit Esprit Holdings Limited (00330.HK) released its 2016 annual report, as of June 30, 2016, the company achieved a net profit of HK $21 million, an increase of 100.57%. Although the results seem quite brisk, but the "China business newspaper" reporter survey found, later Zara, UNIQLO, H& M and other fast fashion brand, now took over the former Esprit "baton", has become a new fashion guide; and for the younger generation, LALABOBO and more STAYREAL "brand new tide". The face of competitors, Esprit does not seem to use force. Although revenue continued to decline in fiscal year 2016, Esprit has finally achieved profitability, but Esprit CEO Ma Hoss is still unable to change the company’s turnover fell year after year. 2016 earnings report, the company’s annual turnover of HK $17 billion 788 million, while in the year 2015, the company’s turnover of HK $19 billion 421 million, turnover fell by 8.41%. But compared to last year’s revenue of HK $19 billion 421 million, net loss amounted to $3 billion 696 million, while the annual business declined slightly, but net profit of HK $21 million. The news, which included the sale of Hongkong property data losses of HK $725 million, income tax provision back to HK $409 million and net tax revenue of HK $203 million. This situation is similar to the 2013 and two fiscal year 2014. 2014, the company turnover of HK $24 billion 227 million, net profit of HK $210 million, while in 2013 turnover of HK $25 billion 902 million, net loss of HK $4 billion 388 million. Comparing the 4 year revenue is not difficult to see, Esprit turnover is facing declining dilemma, and record data of the company’s sales is the 2008 fiscal year, up to HK $37 billion 227 million, net profit of HK $6 billion 450 million. This means that the 2016 Esprit annual turnover is less than half of the year in 2008. In September 2012, the group invited Ma HAOSI Esprit as CEO, Ma Hao thinking is from Esprit’s biggest rival Zara’s parent company Indy spinning. At that time, Esprit management team knew that Zara, M, H& the fast fashion brand is a little bit of eroded Esprit market, the performance of Esprit yixieqianli. But today, although Ma led management team Esprit global health theory相关的主题文章: