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Guangxi: official vehicles posted a unified special logo – People’s network Guangxi Channel – People’s network of Guangxi City, posted on the official car special identification of the bus.   Chen Yicai photo official car special logo. Chen Yicai photo recently, the reporter learned from the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Finance: Guangxi district party and government organs official car has been officially implemented logo management. To this end, Guangxi dedicated to the production of the official car logo, and the requirements of the autonomous region in the reform of the bus units to implement unified identity management to retain official vehicles, in order to implement the "Regulations" the opposition party and government austerity waste, strengthen the supervision and management of the use of official vehicles. According to the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region development and Reform Commission formulated the "government official vehicles to implement identification management implementation plan", the scope of official car logo management for the bus after the reform of the party and government organs at all levels of the region approved the retention of official vehicles, involving national security and police have except the confidentiality requirements of the special working vehicles. According to regulations, law enforcement duties on the car and the higher authorities expressly require the implementation of the system of administrative law enforcement logo and special professional and technical vehicles, according to the provisions of the higher authorities to spray logo logo pattern. At the same time, these retained after the emergency and confidential communications vehicles, with Liu Che staff choose physical car security vehicles, research and reception vehicles (except for the special protection of the vehicle, bus) the mark must be posted in the unified front windshield inside. Program requirements, for not complying with the provisions of the bus logo, paste bus identifying the presence of signs of damage, the vehicle unit for criticism by the discipline inspection and supervision organs, and depending on the seriousness of the criticized education, admonishing conversation, and ordered to make a written examination, informed criticism of the person directly responsible, ordered to correct violations; due to the adverse effects caused by Gongjusiyong, to be directly responsible and mainly responsible persons; to constitute discipline, according to the law according to discipline. Source: "people’s Daily" (October 12, 2016 11 Edition) (Chen Lulu Jinwen, commissioning editor: Xu)相关的主题文章: