Heilongjiang Consumers Association to detect 35 sunscreen clothing nearly no sunscreen footman

Heilongjiang Consumers Association to detect 35 sun protection clothing is not wearing sunscreen sunscreen clothing is to resist ultraviolet light to achieve the effect of sunscreen, but part of the sunscreen on the market is not up to the sunscreen effect. Reporter yesterday learned from the provincial associations, the association of the relevant units on the part of the sales of sunscreen clothing in areas such as Harbin and the skin with sunscreen clothing, carry out product comparison test activities. The experimental results show that 35 kinds of sunscreen clothing (skin clothing) in the sample, there are 21 related projects do not meet national standards, among them, Ying Xi Jie Ke, dream 16 Garnett sunscreen clothing (skin clothing) is not up to the effect of sunscreen (comparative test results only to buy sample charge). 35 sample test results of sunscreen clothing UV can do not conform to the standard brand: PLAYBOY, body extension, brother Lun cloth, Adidas Adidas, TOPSKY, Jiannong, excursion passengers in transit Jiannong ONTHETRIR, CARAVA, SUMMITGLORY, Kaerwo pay homage to the world of Highbury, K2summit, Gerald, k2summit exploration base camp, Garnett peak, love Dita Shi Ying Ximeng, product labels do not meet the standards of brand: 22ND, Yideng fort, Jiannong, ONTHETRIR, Jiannong in transit Kaerwo k2summit CARAVA, K2summit, Gerald, Garnett exploration base, Ying Feng, love Dita Shi, Ying Xi dream, woodchuck Marmot, Mei Luo family fiber content does not meet the standards of the brand: Highbury, Gerald Garnett exploration base camp, and the peak light fastness does not meet the standard brand: mobigarden, pay homage to the world of SUMMITG LORY, Gerald, Garnett love how to buy sunscreen clothing Dita Shi choose dark color, thick sunscreen clothing. Buy long sleeve sunscreen clothing. Choose a good sunscreen sunscreen clothing, when you can choose to use the mouth close to the fabric blowing, test permeability.相关的主题文章: