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"Hello" Joanne will broadcast Qi Wei Wang Xiaochen fashion queen revenge – Sohu Sohu Qi Wei entertainment entertainment news after Du Lala, the incarnation of Qi Wei "with Freon" high cold queen "Qiao An", declared "the king", set off another round of war in the workplace. Partner good sisters, Wang Xiaochen interpretation of "Adorable herbivorous" pollution-free pure woman "Ni", the two is acting as the idol world small artistes in the Shenzhen TV tonight 19:30 launched the "Hello Joe Anne" turned "Charlie Shuanghua" bestie, together in the workplace, obtain ultimate esoteric career: and love is sweet in the hustle. "Hello" is an early work of Joe 90 tailored, not only full of youthful publicity, in the workplace environment is to expose the spicy. "I was walking on the wire were not used to simply walk in on the broad road." Qi Wei play a line will not "toss", 90 to Dudangyimian domineering filling. As the 2016 hot workplace inspirational theme, "Hello Joe Anne" not only the story to upgrade, Qi Wei and Wang Xiaochen this is the "right CP" PK "is more an CP fan" trend, "subtly malicious" and "white sweet" our partner to counterattack war life, the story of ups and can not see the workplace: war! A sharp counterattack revenge "female Qi Wei" pa "poison chicken soup" popular "seven" Qi Wei in the "hello" jowan will overweeningly ambitious in the end, she proved herself with the strength and means of setbacks to maintain our vital Church of the women in the audience this world survival game rules. She’s the most ruthless, put down the face, playing the means, can enjoy the high sitting in the clouds, but also to accept the defeat and then comeback. A recent screen the most representative of the "Iron Lady" image. "It is no use crying, tears are left to the wayside, so I want to smile, smile at them cry." "Life is so shallow and cruel, cold winter you, so you will be wearing long johns lost to those who wear stockings girl walk; you afraid of tired, so you will be wearing sports shoes lost to those high-heeled girl; so every morning you stay in bed, you will sleep ten minutes lost to the early ten minute girl." Joe brand poison chicken soup thought-provoking. Are: Qi Wei postpartum April grain rice into each other in eight sets of gorgeous charming baby promotion for the freaky Qi Wei, in order to play a good comeback exquisite appearance of Qiao An, has always insisted on postpartum weight loss, four months into the staple food mad thin 30 pounds, to return to the now amazing state. In addition to a good figure, Joanne amazing outfit is more eye-catching, the average of each set of eight sets of the device so users exclaimed: "Qi Wei, how much your wardrobe?" you know, most of the clothing of Queen Qiao An from Qi Wei’s personal wardrobe, but was friends known as 2016 fashion guide temperament workplace dress operation guide, so, want to know the correct queen fan fan strong woman outfit, Qi Wei will not go wrong! Zhanyouqing: play in and out of good bestie Wang Xiaochen was paint Qi Wei to accompany crying in the "hello" Joanne, Wang Xiaochen is Qi Wei peel shrimp small transparent bag,!相关的主题文章: