Hubei women and Children Services Expo 5 theme pavilions. luonv

Hubei women and Children Services Expo set 5 theme pavilions yesterday, provincial and Municipal Women’s Federation held a press conference, the third session of the Hubei provincial women and Children Services Industry Fair will be opened in Wuhan International Exhibition Center in October 15th, a period of 3 days. The exhibition organized by the Hubei provincial women’s Federation and the Wuhan Municipal Women’s Federation, salon media group hosted the theme of "I love my Rochem Lan". The Expo includes 5 theme museum, are showing Hubei women innovation achievements "Mulan double achievement hall", attention to the healthy growth of children and families to establish a harmonious relation between the "public Mulan" Building Museum ", adults with children with hi" Mulan parent-child Museum ", to sell big milk and baby products to preferential price" Magnolia home life ", and can see all kinds of performances, but also to the Magnolia drama show". 15 to 17, third China (Wuhan) International pregnant baby products fair held in the exhibition area of the Magnolia Family Living Museum ", hundreds of well-known brands of baby in this special offer Zhanmai, paper diapers, baby milk, strollers, seat etc.. The 15 day, the third session of the "salon edge · hand in Jiangcheng" million people blind dating will be held in the exhibition "Mulan drama show", the scene matching game, talent show and other famous guests dating game closer to each other, to help young people to "take off". Single people may be concerned about the concert edge WeChat public number (zyy3232), for details and registration, can also apply in the day to the on-site consultation, Tel 68883334, 68883358. 15 to 17, "public market Mulan parenting experience Museum", the children can put their unused items to get the exchange or resale; "man of life" parent-child DIY can let children and adults together baking snacks, handicrafts and so on; AR game area is to let the kids feel a volcano, wave ntao days, and whale with super shock sense stimulus. (Changjiang Daily)相关的主题文章: