Liaoning tomorrow the weather turned sunny aerobic high temperature of 21 DEG C temperature Pusheng

Liaoning tomorrow the weather turned sunny aerobic high temperature of 21 DEG C temperature Pusheng temperatures in Huludao next week to frequent cold air activities, strength showed increasing trend, this cold air is the best proof of this Saturday. The province’s temperature fell swagger before others, generally 5 to 10 DEG C, Tieling, Changtu and even sleet. Although the weather today is "truly" cold, but Liaoning currently does not have a place in winter. In Liaoning last winter the average time is in October 25th, Shenyang in October 14th this year the average winter, winter in Shenyang is 8 days late. Liaoning meteorological observatory is expected next Friday around 28 and there is a strong cold air to visit Liaoning, the next weekend temperatures to the next level, we are expected to usher in a real winter. Today, the province’s cloudy sunny, sunny afternoon good. But in the morning will be a morning since the second half of this year the coldest, lowest in Fuxin this morning on -4 C, you’re not wrong, zero! In addition, Shenyang, Fushun, Benxi, Tieling, Chaoyang will also fall to -1 – -3 C. It is expected that such low temperature will appear to 9 points 5 points in the morning, suggest you go out in the morning is best to wear cotton or thin coat. Tomorrow day, the north wind weakened, the sun is good, there will be a slight increase in temperature, the maximum temperature between 11 – 16 degrees C. Next week, cold air evacuation of Liaoning, southwest wind, the average temperature rise of 6 degrees -9 degrees C, the maximum temperature of up to 21 degrees C. Liaoning suffered another heavy rain late spring coldness 10 degrees Monday to Thursday > > > temperature; more news sales staff to sell health care products within 2 years of cancer scare her [value ¥ 99 of the most beautiful passport free shot! This is no longer a passerby ~ scan the QR code below concern, "Liao Wang" WeChat (txdaliao), reply "passport" to understand the activities and participate in the job immediately, the starting line of the way ahead! ]相关的主题文章: