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Life: sick mother to female 7 years wandering love touching – public channel news August 26th, 45 year old Xie Aihong home in the 819 Jiangxi Ganzhou Longnan County village. She had a happy family, 8 years ago, after her daughter Zhong Shuting was born an accident, but broke the original calm life. Small Tingting was born on the fifth day, the nurse accidentally hit my head, then Tingting suffering a lot of diseases: hydrocephalus, premature infants etc.. To this end, Xie Aihong and the hospital to court, running around for two years, the last court verdict insufficient evidence of compensation. The weather is unpredictable, during which her husband turned and abandoned the mother and daughter. The daughter of a small hospital treatment is not good, Xie Aihong had to Tingting to Shanghai. The family spent all his savings, she sold houses, and borrowed hundreds of thousands. Finally, due to lack of funds, but also the lack of about two hundred thousand, had to give up treatment. The mother and daughter had to leave the hometown, begging life. In the area of Guangdong Jiangmen, Foshan, Xie Aihong took the exercise while begging Tingting recovery, waiting for an opportunity to cure her disease. In the streets of Foshan, a tricycle is the home of the mother and daughter. In this 1.8 square tricycle, wandering their dwelling, it is seven years. Early in the morning, Xie Aihong for her daughter to do a full body massage, I hope she can recover as soon as possible. Xie Aihong every day to help her daughter walking exercise. Xie Aihong often told her daughter, must adhere to the end, will be better. Although the 8 year old daughter can not speak, but it seems to fully understand the meaning of mother. In order to cure her daughter’s illness, Xie Aihong went to the bookstore to buy books. Fortunately, they are junior high school culture, she said: Although the family situation is not good, but the academic record has been good, when the school is still beautiful." Xie Aihong is the daughter of a medical control, massage. For many years in Xie Aihong also had a brave the wind and dew, a variety of diseases, seven years, suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cerebral infarction etc.. In addition to buying books, Xie Aihong also bought a blood pressure meter, etc., for her daughter and self inspection. Sick for a long time, they have become half a doctor. She said: "seek medical attention than others". Xie Aihong usually looks at the weather and goes begging along the street. A month to go out more than twenty days, to be able to discuss more than 2000 yuan, can basically maintain the lives of two people and to buy medicine, buy books. The daughter of the head of the tube, six months or a year to replace a time, the need for two thousand or three thousand, no social security for them, it is not a small expenditure. After wandering for many years, Xie Aihong got to know a Chuan Ji homeless brother, was blown off the mine in the mine lost the ability to work. She said, a brother is a good man, often cook, called the mother and daughter to eat together, but go Dutch. Xie Aihong said, although he is very nice, but his temper was unacceptable, so we can only be friends. Xie Aihong while begging, while the children massage, and with a small box, chant sutras. A passing little girl threw some pocket money in Xie Aihong’s box. The mother and daughter begging in the Jiangmen area, has been the local media reports, there are people who love funded, but hundreds of thousands of the treatment gap, is an utterly inadequate measure. Daughter life can not take care of themselves, eat to feed, mother always want her相关的主题文章: