Live Wang Zhifei and Liu Mintao encounter difficult responsibility of increasing sugar (video) ca4111

"Live" Wang Zhifei and Liu Mintao encounter difficult responsibility increasing sugar _12 housing > > > click on the watch "live" video Tencent, Tencent entertainment news recently, TV drama "live" on CCTV last hit. Wang Zhifei plays Zhang Jiaqi, in the relocation task encountered problem varied, and even affect the overall relocation of the event. However, in the process along with the team, Wang Zhifei no longer escape, but more has the responsibility to bear the responsibility of the team leader, take good care of every 844000 households and 844000 group members. In recent episodes, the contradiction between father and daughter, lovers and colleagues will be reflected. Zhang Jiaqi no longer blindly strive for good results, can sign a household is a household, but a fundamental solution to the problem. As members of Ma Qian’s father in the horse, because many years ago who failed to get the face, accumulated many years of injustice to recover in the residents. Zhang’s understanding of the situation, together with the other members to declare to praise on the horse, horse in the end will move smoothly. Zhang Jiaqi in the face of difficulties, it is no longer blindly to find his ex-wife Han Bing complained, but to send a hot dinner, full of sweet. Wang Zhifei and Liu Mintao are the old, the long-term understanding makes two people play in the interaction more natural and warm.相关的主题文章: