Nanjing purchase the first day of commercial housing subscription volume of only 68 sets jslottery

On the first day of the purchase of Nanjing commercial housing subscription amount is only 68 sets of 2016 Nanjing property market policy review "in September 26th, the number of the intersection point of today’s commercial housing for 68 sets, 179 sets of turnover, the data is updated every five minutes……" Nanjing online real estate continues to roll the news, which is the deadline for the evening of 7 data. Yesterday, Nanjing issued the "notice" on the further regulation of the real estate market in our city the main city of the implementation of restriction measures, today began to implement the purchase of the policy, the implementation of the first day, Nanjing commercial housing sales are not what changes? In mid August has just launched a limited loan, to the king of the fuse control measures, and why so quickly introduced the purchase of the policy? The purchase of the policy can not restrain the property market fire? In 2016 the Nanjing property market policy review in 2016 the Nanjing property market policy review of Nanjing commercial housing sales fell today, sold only 247 sets of Nanjing real estate online rolling news shows, as of 7 pm, 26 commercial housing subscription amount is 68 units, 179 sets of turnover, sales volume (subscription amount and volume of 247 sets). Show page this week sales list, September 23, 2016 Nanjing commercial housing purchase 370 sets, 494 sets of transactions, turnover of 864 sets; September 24, 2016 Nanjing commercial housing purchase 280 sets, 536 sets of transactions, turnover of 816 sets; September 25, 2016 Nanjing commercial housing purchase 1570 sets, 1604 sets of transactions, sales of 3174 units. In the year of residential transactions column intersection, the reporter observed, so far this year, Nanjing commercial housing sales exceeded 107 thousand units, more than a year of sales in previous years, the average daily sales of nearly 400 units, so compared to today’s 247 sets of sales fell sharply. "Nanjing the purchase with a second tier city guide hot gradually tightening at present," Yi think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin said, "although yesterday, Nanjing property market panic deal, but today the implementation of the policy, the subscription amount has been reduced a lot, following with the apparent effect of the policy, there may be continued to decline in turnover the future. The racquet 20 homestead all entered the "Yaohao" link reporter multi channels learned that the purchase of the policy introduced in front of a few days on the Nanjing land auction. In August 12th, Nanjing issued "on the adjustment of Nanjing city land auction, public sale of commercial housing loans Shoufu ratio of opinion", in addition to improve the commercial housing loans Shoufu ratio, began implementing the "the most expensive land fuse" and "the most expensive land Yaohao", the highest price of the land, when the online auction to the highest price of 90%. The land must be built commercial housing Xianfang sales; when the online auction to the highest price, there are still more than 2 units required to continue bidding, stop online auction, to produce Yaohao bid, and the highest price basis plus an increase as the transaction price. In the policy under the August Nanjing volume of new homes housing a total turnover of 9975 units, compared with 1188 in July, Xian相关的主题文章: