No snake face on Taobao, 10 years ago, the network is so red puritans pride

No snake face on Taobao, 10 years ago the red net is this about net red, fan friends will have a little despise _ because though they look rich with Yan, but a subtle low temperament. However, red net did not start so low ~ today is the introduction of the first generation of Chinese red net, he is also called the originator of red net. What he is the originator of red net? As early as eleven years ago, is also in 2005, when people eat melon has not formed the concept of "Red Net", his MSN Space (can be understood as the Microsoft blog) has been more than 6 million of the traffic, each post click over a million _ (3 / _: "the biography) said the red level network originator, network called" poison ", although it is full of ID kill Matt nobility, but his style is really" poison "(commendatory ~), even after ten years with the current perspective, is still very high fashion. Than those who wear a skin snake face red high net wealth to nowhere (like this person, Gao Yan ^) Boy value of both ten years ago or now, when you look at the face of red net. "Poison" the yen value quite strong, three-dimensional facial features, fine lines, than today by face to eat little meat favorably. Face, face are very beautiful. Take a shower cap so easily brushing the ugly scene, also pleasing to the eye. Also comes with a kind of literary and decadent temperament. Sexy makeup also Hold lived. Now the red Boy popular selling Meng, someone else will be ten years ago (omega) forced grid your son Boy poison is a full range of leading. Now the network red like selling rich handsome, white rich beauty set, and he had ten years ago has been 666. And the image of the more plump, tonality, forced grid is also more advanced. Poison on the blog is very clear that he is a X three generation. A sudden stop in the top force Pyramid, two rich generation what all suck it with (like person, main fan ^) is not processing, directly put "poison" said when I was born, the family is prominent, if you pass the the Imperial Palace moat, across the courtyard is the largest I where there is, in my memory in the garden of Eden, the long corridors, a wild profusion of vegetation of fruit trees, the four seasons have different fruit to eat, keep a hen, remember is higher than me, I love riding it around, it will, it will soon be a dead, bad mood for a long time. Because of the home… No one can swim in the swimming pool, raised 2 large turtles, watching them swim across the Department, full of fallen leaves. In the winter, the water… Put them into large bowl, like indoor, was dead… Was in love. In front of the front courtyard to help make the reception Visit Grandpa guest, do not understand everything I see visitors gift bags, (at the time of the gift is not so direct and cattle B, mostly for home products) and exposed them to my sincere smile, " " gracious greetings, let me feel that people are so lovely, harmony. Good, remember one for two years did not become vice chairman of the X Committee, not only that, in the kindergarten, whether it is the Organization Department of Beihai, I was always the teacher.相关的主题文章: