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Occupation plays a hot theme drama   Landscape — people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn original title focusing on "outside the workplace": the Japanese workplace drama neat focusing on "outside the workplace" scenery this year kicks off the drama "out" occupation republication new horizons will be through the workplace, comic author, editor and bookstore the relationship between meanders, frequent NAME (storyboard) "" edition "and other professional terms. But the real audience approached the vicissitudes of the industry through the joint, the vivid individual story is in the industrial environment or struggle, or confused. Forget the comfortable "Ge You paralysis", autumn season the most suitable position is exciting "drama run". From the editorial department of the story about the Japanese cartoon "out" to describe the Japanese edition, "90" workplace life "and" how to loose generation, to now being hit two of women in the workplace drama "business" and "minister Yoshira Natsuko to sell the house woman"…… The young people in the workplace often with flying attitude to the meaning "challenge" and "struggle", inspirational drama drama occupation become this year’s hot topics. Interestingly, this batch of Japanese occupation drama for "style" is different, divided into two groups: natural present workplace exhausted realism, and the main blood inspirational chicken pie. Realism in the workplace: the spiritual growth of success is more important than if you want to relive the "half way" Ze Naoki Daguai upgrade to the pinnacle of life ". The routine, so this year several drama I’m afraid I disappointed you. And "half" through cruel jungle Ze Joe, "a tooth for a tooth, multiply the vicious against ingrained" advanced culture ", in the recent Japanese occupation drama, will spotlight from the hero in the cause of overweight into spiritual growth, for people with the blessing of the plot is slight a growth brought with a sense of powerlessness, and is no longer black and white pleased to see blood sharp knife. Drama "how" because of loose generation to young people in the workplace to face the "generation" anxiety, is a lot of fans as "love spring gear". The 3 protagonists are born in 1987, the number of Japanese young people, in addition to the "big job they catch up with the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the social background of the global economic depression", "loose" generation also happened to catch the first bus — in 2002, Japanese education reform, teaching content and class time greatly reduced, the results are no longer rank, enjoy the policy of students, it is called the "loose generation"; with a "lack of sense of responsibility" and "do not understand the rules of" anti pressure difference arithmetic rating label. As the first batch of "loose" generation, nearly 30 years the protagonist is often a "loose generation predecessors really not ah" sent to the next, but also to deal with the "loose devil" they like by the vexatious, three splint. Master of justice and experience the most significant stuck, the lack of competition consciousness and the enterprising spirit in his career no better, than the same period of post recruits a girlfriend…… How to face the bleak career and life, is a loose generation to face the real problem. And "wide"相关的主题文章: