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"Ode to joy" to join the 2 "Princess", actually play Liu Tao’s mother-in-law (Figure) sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) over the "Ode to joy 2" shooting the news writing two days ago, 22 floor, five beauty and reunion, two handsome strength to join. As many younger sister sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) of course is always concerned with the "Ode to joy" the shooting schedule 2, today the new road transillumination, Xiaomei (WeChat public number: entifengvip) saw a familiar figure! The photo of Andy at the high cold lady is not "Princess" in the gentle make an empress? Fast react sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) opened a small radar, it is reported that "make an empress" as a mother in the total packet of joy, there are not many aspects and Andy had several violent conflicts! Many years later, make an empress and queen has the same ruthless role becomes, "the total packet" agitation, Andy from the back can feel devoid of momentum! Look at the sharp eyes, through the screen can kill you. The thought of a gentle princess to transform into a bad mother, little sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) the whole people are not good…… As one of my childhood impression, (WeChat public number: entifengvip) and is really the favor to "make an empress", she named Juan Zi, graduated from Central Academy of Drama, is a national level actors. For many people the impression of her to make an empress, in fact, these years she has played many television roles. In the "Joe courtyard" she is gentle and capable headed mistress. She plays the role of mother and wife. Although the road for many years as acting gold leaf, but Juan Zi’s acting is obvious to people, by virtue of her "Beijing woman" won the Golden Eagle Award "audience favorite actor award. There have been rumors that she married a rich man, in fact, her husband is a producer, two a lovely daughter. Over 50 years of age, make an empress properly maintained, although can see traces of the years in the face, but still keep the charm. Little sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) and Liu Tao Juan Zi was looking forward to sparks scenes, not much to say, sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) decided to make a fitness plan.相关的主题文章: