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"Panda" on Huang Xiaoming and the most warm romance star debut – Sohu entertainment   " " panda Dad; Huang Xiaoming take care of baby panda   " panda paralysis " Sohu entertainment news at present, the domestic television program is a type of overlapping and similar topics embarrassing situation, how to build a out of the ordinary "explosion show", become the bottleneck of the TV to be broken. Following the Beijing satellite TV "singer", "cross-border cross-border", "the king of comedy, the image of" Chinese inheritance phenomenon of TV audience harvest affirmation and hot, Beijing TV tonight at 21:08, launched the country’s first original popular documentary file "panda romance", opened in the original on the road again innovation and try. Then, the "panda ambassadors" Huang Xiaoming, will join the "biggest star" in the history of the strongest star "in the program, the documentary style, has never been true to outsiders to know the story of panda". "The history of the big girl! "Big treasure" live "made her full round body, black and white colour, big black eye, childlike demeanor…… Lovely and stay Meng’s national treasure panda, with its unique charm Meng people, conquer the world, is worthy of the world-class star, is the leading national idol. The documentary series "Beijing TV’s panda romance", will reserve for the first time into the "heavyweight" star of the giant panda, watch their survival status, show the pandas Saimoe, the most lovely moment, between man and the true record of the panda "wonderful fate". Tonight is the first phase of the program, is the giant panda to be produced, production, production, nurturing a series of making baby "and" baby ", by the way of full record 24 hours of presentation in front of the camera, with the audience into the panda’s life world, witness the mother panda difficult production experienced, feel the panda babies" start new bears ", of his mother’s great love panda. As "the biggest star in history", the giant panda will be in a new form in the show? "Treasure" of the "baby" process will let you have a new understanding of what they have? "Prepare Daddy" and "panda dad"?! The panda birth guests get new skills with Huang Xiaoming shortly before the "three of us are walking together" micro-blog has become a hot search, the entertainment circle "model husband" finally everyone’s time and again in the successful promotion for "prepare daddy". In fact, as early as there is a small baby before, Huang Xiaoming has become a father. In 2008 after the Wenchuan earthquake, the first time to the disaster area to protect the giant panda who adopted a lifelong pair of twins, also won the "panda love ambassador" award. In order to arouse more people to respect and protect the giant panda and love panda dad Huang Xiaoming will be in the "panda romance", and the 4 group of guests to experience the "Panda" extraordinary work for the guardian, the giant panda population contribute. In the pandas live, "panda dad" Huang Xiaoming get "and new skills to prepare daddy communicated? .相关的主题文章: