Penny Tai shared feelings anecdotes said her husband’s most impressed by their own wetnwild

Penny Tai said the husband with anecdotes to share feelings most impressed by their new imitation variety show "the hidden singer" the second season this Sunday late 19:30 Shanghai entertainment channel, Beijing arts channel, Guangzhou channel, Shenzhen City Channel Four broadcast 21:30. This week the "hidden 2" ushered in the last bit of the original singer is known as the "melody song" Penny Tai. As a "hidden" 2 finale singer Penny Tai music on the road quite a legend. Known as the music "Wonderwoman" of her anger in the singing contest and join, and get the horses the appreciation of Chen Zihong and set up a music production company for her love. In the program, the days of no idol burden, and guess the jury members fight together funny faces. Two years ago she also married generous show of affection, detail and her husband married a sweet life. Penny Tai "2" finale "Wonderwoman" Sanqi zoujianghu this season "2" ushered in the singer is called by Mickey Huang "Wonderwoman" Penny Tai as the finale singer of her natural concern. However, her "odd" not from her special skills, but because of her enthusiasm and attention to the music business in ten years as one day, it is because of her own character. The first odd: popular do not take the unusual way. Penny Tai’s popularity is due to sing "meteor garden" of the song "I love you", this song had just released her second album fifth songs. In the program, she just said: "where is the first fifth what song, I just play." Second strange: popularity does not depend on the value of amazing creativity. Penny Tai in the "hidden 2" appeared on the amazing to guess jury members, exclaimed they Penny Tai’s subversion of the tomboy image. She broke the news that the airport was mistaken for Lin Chiling. But it can rely on the value of Yan she has chosen to rely on talent to build their own realm of music, with varied styles and catchy melody to prove himself. The people to write their own songs. Known as the "Chinese music works published most of the female artist" she doesn’t know the staff will not play a musical instrument, can be regarded as a wonderful creation session. She said in the singing love always close your eyes and don’t want to see the spectrum, will choose the tempo up and then recorded in the creation. The goddess of creation becomes the second star changed face no pressure while in the "2" in the hidden goddess image appearance, but Penny Tai soon showed a funny side. Wearing high heels, she took off her shoes and Mickey Huang than height, the field carried out the height of the decryption of Mickey Huang, naughty, she also pretended to go to see if his shoes have an inner pad. In the evaluation of guess links, she not only as young Abin, and guess jury members interacted warmly. Guess the assessment panel members king is funny show is known, she also brought up a upsurge of competition. Penny Tai does not have the idol burden, after making a big face and also to explore the face of Mickey Huang who is ugly. Mickey Huang is the scene of a teaching, teacher Chen Yaochuan could not escape death, was forced to make a face on the first "hidden" since 2. Sweet love about the details of life with the most precious is known as "the melody song" wear)相关的主题文章: