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S.H.E in the 15 year won gold over 600 million who have been bad mouthing not red Tencent S.H.E entertainment according to Taiwan media reports, composed of Selina, Hebe and Ella S.H.E, to celebrate the 15 anniversary of his debut with "One in One, held a reunion" classic exhibition show, since his debut album artwork, photos. Yesterday, the three sisters fit to attend the opening press conference, asked about the secret of Changhong, Ella said: "in addition to luck and effort". The S.H.E established a peak in the entertainment industry, the estimated 15 years for the record company earned more than NT $3 billion (equivalent to more than 600 million yuan). They experienced a lot of wind and rain, in September 11, 2001 the first album "dormitory", the day the United States has undergone 911 terrorist attack, the news is the focus of the world, S.H.E was seriously not red, but the three sisters in the 3 high middle low voice singing awareness. Through his kiss of fire storm emerge, 2003 Ella on location in "happy Sunday", for the promotion of fire upon experience from the 3 floor fall back to air cushion, injuries, for up to 6 months in the back frame; Selina was shot in Shanghai in 2010 "I have a date with spring" TV drama by fire kiss. Hebe is one of the most prosperous in recent years, a series of solo, she sang "lucky" in the YouTube reading times exceeded 100 million times, becoming the first Chinese person singer. The world S.H.E feelings have their own experience, Selina and Zhang Chengzhong in April this year over more than 4 years of marriage, Ella is from Malaysia and her husband Rice Cheung married 4 years, very stable, Hebe feelings have been a mystery. The three sisters also helped the company in 2012 to become the first literary company in Taiwan, as the shareholders of the S.H.E annual profit of more than 10 million yuan. Do 15 Anniversary Memorial Exhibition Hebe Tian broke past fun S.H.E相关的主题文章: