Senior high school entrance examination reform to only score theory. actv

Senior high school entrance examination reform to only score theory. According to the Xuancheng news network, each senior high school entrance examination reform will bring change to the teaching of middle school. But no matter how it changes, there is a lot of consistency over the years, that is, to reflect the performance of the score. Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the "guidance" on further promoting senior high school exam enrollment system reform, put forward the reform of senior high school entrance examination enrollment system, the current situation of students and parents, or to change the point of contention, excessive competition. How to change: two test one, according to the Ministry of education of senior high school entrance examination reform opinions, break the scores to 2020, high school enrollment mode will build a "national proficiency test scores and comprehensive quality evaluation of junior middle school" sports, art, cancel the competition bonus items, promotion of junior high school proficiency test. It is understood that the implementation of junior high school proficiency exam is not cancelled but the senior high school entrance examination, examination of junior high school and senior high school entrance examination two test one". The 2017 fall semester freshman, will be in three years after the first early adopters". The academic proficiency test contains all the subjects of national curriculum design set, "general" test "and study", but the Chinese, mathematics, foreign language as a basic subject, together with the sports uniform as admission score of subjects. Other admission scoring subjects or according to the principle of moderation, and simultaneously the burden by the students to freely choose, achievement can take different forms, such as grade scores. Not included in the total score of the subject only for "qualified" requirements, designed to guide students to seriously study each course. Opinions also clearly establish and improve the comprehensive quality evaluation of students, put forward the comprehensive quality evaluation as the basis for future enrollment or reference. Municipal Education administrative departments should clear the basic requirements of comprehensive quality evaluation of the senior high school, according to school characteristics and formulate specific measures for the use of the comprehensive quality evaluation really play a role in the enrollment, the only score of the crack. Parents: it is full of expectations, also worried because the senior high school entrance examination reform effects is the main trend this year six groups, parents so many children are in the early primary school began to pay attention to the senior high school entrance examination. Greater impact on their children’s entrance examination reform, they have to look forward to worry. Four small children in Xuancheng read the sixth grade of Mr. Shi told reporters that the reform is good, but he’s afraid it will increase the burden of the child, "according to the present situation, after the students all subjects to learn, are subject to test, so many though not all included in the total score, but also must be qualified the child, learning burden will not increase in disguise?" Mr. stone admitted that now the son of elementary school, although there are few classes, but he has felt the child’s heavy workload. For all subjects in the secondary school full test, he was more worried about the child can not accept so much. "Score is the most intuitive form, if the future will not be used to reflect the scores of academic achievement, will not affect the fairness?" Parents Ms. Cai believes that although not all of the scores, but it is difficult to replace the hierarchy, this is not realistic, how do you score? According to the score, with the scores have a lot. How can we be fair?" Teacher: the difficulty of the exam or the next network相关的主题文章: