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Shanghai Jiaotong University to build the database to create cultural channel of Asia’s largest trial of Japanese war criminals Literature Center – Sohu   data figure: people visit China (Shenyang) special military tribunal trial of Japanese war criminals site museum. Li Huisi agency issued photo this year on the Far East International Military Tribunal (Tokyo trial court) 70 anniversary. Shanghai Jiao Tong University announced in Shanghai 7, the cooperation with the National Library and many other archives and research institutions, the construction of global BC trial of Japanese literature database, build Central Asia’s largest trial literature. The same day, "the trial of Japanese war criminals, literature collection collation and report database construction" will be held at the Shanghai Jiaotong University, the study covers all the post-war Asia Pacific region on trial dozens of BC war crimes tribunal. Responsible for the project research team, Shanghai Jiaotong University Tokyo trial research center director Cheng Zhaoqi will lead the cooperation with the relevant units to join hands in the world as far as possible the comprehensive search and collection of postwar literature trial. "The trial in Tokyo and other regions of Asia is on trial after the war, Japan has been aggression and atrocities are summarized and the coffin, is the establishment of the post-war order, especially the most important cornerstone of the East Asian order. The literature in this trial project epitomized the completion, there will be a great impetus to the study of the trial." Cheng Zhaoqi said. After the end of the Second World War, the allies in the Asia Pacific region set up a number of war crimes tribunal for Japan, which is located in the Far East International Military Tribunal in Tokyo is the only one class a war crimes tribunal. In addition to the trial in Tokyo, China, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and other places there are dozens of BC class war crimes tribunal has also launched a trial work. After the trial of these BC class war crimes tribunal, leaving a huge amount of documents and files, scattered in Japan and the United States and other countries of the official archives or universities, libraries and other academic institutions. It is of great value and practical significance to study the collection and arrangement of these materials for the study of the Japanese war responsibility and the history of the war of resistance against japan. However, due to the vast majority of data are English and Japanese words, domestic scholars read the need to overcome the language barrier, while the domestic special file system also increases the difficulty of obtaining data, these have led the domestic related research results in the field of scanty. In the future, researchers will conduct a detailed classification, sorting and 11 production solution content of the literature, especially the BC tribunal document. Because of the Japanese BC war criminals are more information on the war criminals’ reputation and the majority of the people to hide the information, so the collation of these documents will be a major difficulty and focus. The edited document as the content of the basic database construction will form some special database, included in the Anti Japanese War and modern Sino Japanese relations literature data platform of this integrated data platform, to achieve sharing, and try to read and edit support in English and Japanese language variety, open to the international community. This report will be the expert group, academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Chinese Zhang Haipeng believes that the study of post-war Tokyo trial and the trial of other postwar Asian areas is a highly academic)相关的主题文章: