Shaoxing Zhuji into the 0571 area code for the 1000 number of Hangzhou Enterprises yuanmu

Shaoxing Zhuji into the 0571 area code for the 1000 number of Hangzhou enterprises (reporter Cheng Pengyu correspondent Wu Feijian) today, Zhuji into the Hangzhou metropolitan area has made a series of progress. At the recent meeting of the Shaoxing industrial investment work to promote the meeting was informed that the Zhuji town shop, Ciwu town has attracted more than 20 for the Xiaoshan auto parts, bicycle fitness equipment and other industries, which will be part of the project at the end of this year or early next year the construction of landing. Not only that, Hangzhou and adjacent Zhuji Ciwu Town, is the preparation of the "0571 Linhang intelligent manufacturing industrial park planning, logistics park, the overall planning of auto parts manufacturing, design and manufacture of bicycle Park Industrial Park, Hong Kong Flower production and marketing center, intelligent manufacturing industry is generally five. "We have thousands of acres of land reserves, can have more choice of industry, hold more industrial projects." Shen Zhengnan, deputy secretary of the Party committee introduced the town, as of July this year, the second docking Pro Hang Industrial Park has 7 companies to complete the registration, is a registered enterprise 7, there are 31 companies are negotiating. Just across the river from Hangzhou town of the shop will also plan to make 1100 acres of space to create a prominent, leading industry cluster advantages billion Linhang Industrial Park, Hangzhou to undertake industrial transfer and incubator project, focusing on the development of copper processing and new materials, new energy and environmental protection and intelligent equipment industry. In the view of Zhuji shop town Party Secretary Fang Weijiong, since it was brought forward after only 100 days of the "North South bearing" development strategy has gradually fall. In May 31st this year, Zhuji formally proposed the implementation of the "North South bearing" strategy, namely "the North Hangzhou" depth into the Hangzhou metropolitan area; South Jinhua – Yiwu "development strategy, access Jinyi metropolitan area. In fact, this opens up a new channel for the strategic development of Zhuji during the period of 13th Five-Year ". As of now, in the "North South bearing" strategy driven by January this year to August, Zhuji has been the introduction of industrial "great" project 13, a total investment of 3 billion 650 million yuan; from January to June, the introduction of foreign domestic project 53, to the registered capital of 5 billion 30 million yuan. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the city of Zhuji has successfully introduced the 0571 area code, the application of the 1000 Hangzhou number will be borne by enterprises to apply for. The next step, Zhuji will be global, comprehensive docking Hangzhou talent flow, technology flow, information flow, capital flow, by the G20 summit, the Asian Games and other major activities of the opportunity to speed up the implementation of planning, and draw up a mechanism with Hangzhou to create, jointly promoting industries, infrastructure, social sharing, co culture elements. According to the "Zhuji" North South bearing "implementation plan" planning, "North South bearing" strategy will involve the infrastructure investment of 76 billion 660 million yuan, 93 billion 245 million yuan investment in industrial development, a total investment of nearly 170 billion yuan.相关的主题文章: