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Shenzhen Bay Business Square upgrading basically completed — Shenzhen channel — original title: Shenzhen Bay Plaza business transformation and upgrading of the basic completion of Shenzhen Bay Business Square aerial view. In September 29th this year, the reporter went to the double week the main stadium of Shenzhen Bay Business Plaza to see here, and upgrading activities exhibition layout has been basically completed, the preparatory work entered the final sprint stage. Shenzhen Bay Business Square, located at the south of Shenzhen high tech Zone of Shenzhen software industry base, Shenzhen city is to build the cluster innovation creating capital "four linkage" theme block. In June 18, 2015, the first Shenzhen international hit off the first day of week, Shenzhen Bay business square open street operations, built a total area of about 50 thousand square meters, about 400 meters long for the center of the pedestrian street, the main gathering incubators; the North-South length of about 50 meters of the Financial Street science and technology, the main gathering banking, securities and other financial services. Shenzhen Bay Business Square, after a year of operation, has become Shenzhen and the country hit beautiful name card, the final moments was determined as the double week and the second Shenzhen international hit off week activities main venue. At present, there has been the introduction of Lenovo star Tencent, the public record space, 3W coffee, Jingdong intelligence of 45 domestic and foreign first-class professional incubation and entrepreneurial services, to attract all kinds of Internet, intelligent hardware and other more than and 200 innovation project team stationed, nearly 100 projects to obtain financing. To meet the high standards activity needs, the Gulf of Shenzhen science and technology company at the end of July to start a comprehensive upgrade project, improve the hardware conditions. First of all, on the west side of Shenzhen Bay Plaza, entrepreneurship Avenue avenue of stars, east of the pedestrian channel and other Shenzhen Bay Plaza environmental infrastructure upgrade. The company’s construction of organization design and transformation of the whole construction process of careful research, strict and repeated verification, September 20th to complete the upgrade project. At the same time, for the double week launch ceremony, activity theme exhibition, the World Marathon record passenger, creating double week priorities workshop etc. facilities within the transformation of the site has already started, the current site of upgrading a total area of 25 thousand and 200 square meters. For faster and better services for entrepreneurs, make new contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen, by the Tencent, Shenzhen Investment Holdings Company, the Tencent to jointly create a coral space, in June this year to start the deployment of a total area of 4500 square meters of the renovation project, in early September to transfer conditions, officially launched in September 10th foreign investment. According to the exhibition demand, relevant staff has a comprehensive combing and mining business bay square and the surrounding site resources in Shenzhen, and actively docking with the national development and Reform Commission, Chinese Association and Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, by a committee of Association for science and technology, industrial design, industry associations and other units, to carry out regional exhibition combing and exhibition planning and design, a comprehensive combing for the exhibition area of 22 thousand square meters, including the business square area of about 16 thousand square meters, for the double Week exhibition; Business Plaza East of about 6 thousand square meters, for the second session of the Shenzhen international hit off Week exhibition, and fully guarantee the demand of exhibition activities. (reporter correspondent correspondent Xie Zhixiong Zhang Wen map) (responsibility)相关的主题文章: