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Shenzhen Luohu penggai area existing business relocation – Shenzhen Channel – original title: Luohu penggai area has Intel International Business relocation company employees are packing quasi moving objects. Shenzhen Luohu "second flower arranging" shantytowns mobilization meeting held in November 19th in Luohu hall, marking the Shenzhen Luohu penggai battle started. In recent days, businesses, tenants positive response to the transformation. In November 26th, kapok ridge has a business area to complete the relocation. It is reported that this is the first mobilization of the general assembly after the completion of the relocation of the shed to change the area businesses. The relocation of businesses located in the kapok ridge community workstation first floor, Department of Shenzhen Intel International Import & Export Co. Ltd. and co founded the community workstation community employment assistance center, mainly engaged in processing and sales of gifts, jewelry, provide jobs for laid-off workers and families of area. Intel international company responsible Huang Zongqiu told reporters, helping the center in 2008 to begin preparations, was formally established in 2009, has been serving area residents to thousands of people. At that time, the establishment of the help center is to do something for the residents, and shantytowns is a major livelihood projects, the first time we support." Huang Zongqiu said the company is ready to move to the light of the factory, the original employee in accordance with the labor law to compensate, "wait until the completion of kapok ridge transformation, we hope we can come back here again". November 26th morning, the reporter saw at the scene, the company has been packaged all items have been completed, Huang Zongqiu and staff are doing the final inspection. "The environment here is dirty and messy, bumpy road, also not perfect facilities, there are many hidden dangers, do not transform." Huang Zongqiu told reporters, in order to ensure safety, the company is equipped with a super standard fire extinguisher, in this regard, a lot of investment. In addition, due to traffic inconvenience, the cart can not enter, unloading to a very far place, resulting in large items, equipment can not enter, but also limits the expansion of the company’s business. Because of this, the company scale to the talent market recruitment management personnel, recover a stack of resumes, until the candidates really came to the scene, they started playing drums. "Kapok ridge transformation will greatly improve the living environment, these problems can be smoothly done or easily solved." Huang Zongqiu said, although some hearts do not give up, but we look forward to the transformation of the new scene." Kapok Ridge Community Party Secretary, station owners Chen Zhiming introduced, kapok ridge community gathering area is typical of the foreign population, of which there are many taxi "elder brother", in order to solve the employment problem of the sister-in-law ", introduced the international community workstation, and according to the" brother "family needs flexibility to adjust the time schedule. At the same time, the employment assistance center also gives priority to single parent families and difficult families, so that they can get a job. Employment assistance center was founded, on the one hand, increasing incomes for area residents; on the other hand, the housewives gather together, reduce caused by playing mahjong family conflicts, so that the whole area is more harmonious. "These years, Intel International area for us to do a lot of contributions, this time to take the lead in the relocation, play a very good demonstration effect)相关的主题文章: