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The seventeenth Shenzhen reading month start reading culture rooting flowering Beijing Beijing November 1 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Zheng Xiaohong) 1 days to start the seventeenth Shenzhen reading month, deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, Wu Shangzhi praised the Shenzhen Reading Month 17 years adhere to the noble, think this is a very important and influential brand I hope Shenzhen, reading activities into people, contribute to the construction of scholarly Shenzhen. The Secretary of the Department ChuBanJu Guo Yiqiang, deputy secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee, Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary Ma Xingrui, standing committee of Guangdong provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Shen Haixiong, deputy secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, mayor Xu Qin, Shenzhen Municipal Committee, publicity minister Li Xiaogan, and Li Hao, Li Youwei, Wang Jingsheng, Li Haidong Reading Month general counsel at the ceremony. Vice mayor of Shenzhen City, reading month organizing committee deputy director Wu Yihuan said, Shenzhen will be greater efforts to promote universal reading, carefully run a series of activities for the reading month, let love reading, reading good books, good reading, often reading become Shenzhen residents living habits, Polish Shenzhen global national reading model city this a gilded signboard. The first batch of hundreds of volunteers received certificates and reading, the first batch of two bookstores located in the center of the South and North reading volunteer service station U today formally launched the service. By 2020, the reading month organizing committee and the Shenzhen municipal Party committee plans to create 500 people to read the volunteer team and the 15 reading volunteer service U station. The same day, Guangdong is still held in Shenzhen province’s national reading promotion experience exchange, by the Guangdong provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Provincial Bureau of press and publication of the trial organization scholarly south of the Five Ridges "12" excellent reading project "," 13 outstanding Reading Promotion Organization "and 10" good reading platform "list synchronization announced. According to the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, publicity minister Li Xiaogan introduction, since Shenzhen carried out nationwide reading activities, gradually formed from the government to the people, from the enterprise to the society, reading network multi level and multi subject, reading culture in the whole society. He said, till now, the reading month held a total of more than 5800 books of cultural activities, has formed a series of national and international influence of reading brand activities, become public attention and participation in the highest cultural event, the International Reading organization and the relevant departments of the state must. He said that culture needs to accumulate, and reading is an important way to gather Shenzhen culture emboldened, glow innovation activities, carry out national reading work of Shenzhen construction and modernization, internationalization and innovation oriented city to match the strong culture of the city of the most basic work. (end)相关的主题文章: