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Small and beautiful Japanese hot springs hotel, so that the winter has become warm! The cold air travel – Sohu to Jiangsu has faded, warm climate, immediately began to miss the reeky environment. If you are also planning, looking forward to, perhaps today, these small and beautiful Japanese hot springs hotel for you! Tochigi sunlight Hoshino group is a Japanese resort management company with a history of one hundred years. From 1904 in Karuizawa area, since the group has four hotel brands; the boutique Spa Hotel "circles", with no more than 50 standard room to create a valuable commitment to Japanese traditional culture and regional characteristics of small and beautiful Spa Hotel, located in Tochigi Prefecture of the sun the two is the protagonist of today. || extended daylight in circles Hoshino male body of the foot of the mountain quiet lake can enjoy the beauty of the seasons, especially in summer Rhododendron and beautiful autumn leaves. "" is located in the Austrian daylight daylight at the entrance, formed twenty thousand years ago, male body mountain volcano Lake – Lake chuzenji. Into the museum, the unexpected is an elegant gorgeous spacious space, different from the impression of a small area. The laying of a tatami corridor connecting to Japanese style rooms with high quality; large windows is open to mountain or lake, this season is whether the mountain or lake is very beautiful! The day after visiting the sun, you can enjoy with the traditional back cypress or rock of the open-air hot spring bath, tasting dishes Tochigi Shishi to burn, forget the daily boredom and feel this bliss. Tochigi benefited from broad flat land, rich geographical environment and excellent climate, not only has a rich crop and fish such as trout, a variety of ingredients collocation made of delicate and delicious, must be a journey on! "Daylight" is also prepared with a history of 400 years, the traditional process of "Sunlight" as clogs – you can welcome ceremony in sunlight clogs lecture, why listen to sunlight clogs are born, is to be used and so on the story, can wear traditional clogs and clog the staff together, a profound experience of the local folk tradition. Left precious memories. Address: 321-1661??? Nikko? 2482-1: Feekr CI scheduled to travel, you can reply to a predetermined! Traffic: || Hoshino circle Kinugawa opened less than a year of "Kinugawa" is the "Hoshino group" brand of the thirteenth hot springs hotel. It was built in the face of Kinugawa streams on the hillside, architectural style concise and refined, the integration of the local Tochigi folk handicrafts and modern flavor, only a sight in. From Kinugawa coast into the tree lined trail, overgrown with moss rock barrier springs street noise, quiet and comfortable. An automatic cable car with four glass windows through the forest to the hall. The face is the use of local folk art "mashiko burn" produced by the traditional Japanese garden decoration – suikinkutsu, the mysterious and soft voice emphasizing the silence. The whole hotel.相关的主题文章: