South Korean film star Kim So-yeon, Li Shangyu! Brokerage firm confirmation – the new network

South Korean film star Kim So-yeon, Li Shangyu! The brokerage company confirmed – Beijing, Beijing, September 7, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, South Korean actor Kim So-yeon for "woman in love", "wind" and other classic works of Obstetrics and Gynecology open awareness, 2015 and 7 years younger actor Guo Shiyang in love reality show "we got married" welcome. However, she came out in love 6 news, the actor is not Guo Shiyang, but was in the back of the wife, the successful interpretation of deep feeling, the minister, the minister, Li Shangyu. Kim So-yeon and Li Shangyu for the drama "home and everything" cooperation met, did not expect the two marriage from the play continued to play outside, have pointed out that the crew, when shooting over half of the couple felt some ambiguous feelings, real time together is probably shot in time. Was born in 1980 with Kim So-yeon and Li Shangyu, both in the showbiz roll for many years, but two people 10 years have never spread any gossip, two people now through a brokerage firm confirmed love, also have married consensus for the future. For Kim So-yeon and Li Shangyu came in, many fans have to offer blessings: "two very good", "happiness", also some people laughed and said: "" we got married "really just work."相关的主题文章: