Strange Dr. Benny stills exposure suspected abuse t6570

"Doctor Strange" exposure stills Benny suspected abuse as the approaching Marvel masterpiece "strange", the release date, the recent film also increase the propaganda of the film. This does not, the film side and recently exposed a group of new stills. Stills Benny played Doctor Strange suspected injured in a war, a tired look. In the picture, Benedict played by Conboy Baki · Stephen · strange in a stage, Tilda · Swinton played an ancient mage and Qiewate Mo · degree of Ford is played Baron Krause for his advice on. From this a few stills, as the film’s villain, not to replace the master degree of Baron ambition has not exposed. Benny said in an interview very fortunate to receive this role, Benny said "when the first time with the film’s production team met when I was watching the documentary" murderer "manufacturing. I realize that there are some similarities between them, because they are all afraid." Benny said: "let me marvel as the male lead, which makes me overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. But I was very hard to find a schedule, I was in drama "Hamlett", on the other hand there are "detective Sherlock" in the fourth quarter. But Dr. strange is really a very rich role, playing him like a taste of delicious." In addition, marvel studios President Kevin · Fitch recently said in an interview, the film "strange doctor" will be the greatest degree of reduction of Steve · the role of Ditko’s shaping, Kevin said the film will bring a unique visual feast for the audience. As for the film effect in the end how, we still see the outcome after the release of the film. The film will be released in North America in November 4, 2016, mainland China will be introduced, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: